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The Top Benefits of Why You Should Choose The Brown Agency To Represent You In Your Modeling Career

Models do not necessarily need a modeling agency to represent them in this day and age. Many can go online and find what they are looking for rather easily. The only problem is that without proper representation you can end up getting scammed.

There are so many dangers with looking for online modeling jobs by you. This is why you need to be represented. Below you will find 4 benefits to going with The Brown Agency to help you out in your modeling career.

1) Safety is among the top benefits. As it was stated above, going online presents many dangers to models. You can meet anybody and everyone online. This will open you up to more scams and people not treating you right. Just about anyone can pretend to be something they are not. This leaves you open to many risks. Anyone can offer you a very lucrative contract that is not there.

This is why you need to go with Brown. Brown has reliable representation. They have solid connections with many people within the industry. They will guide you in the right direction. They can help you talk to the right people. Their people will go with you to a job.

The number one rule in modeling is you never go to a booking by yourself.

Many male models will attest to this one, as will many female models. You need professional representation with you at all times. This is for your safety and theirs.

2) The Brown Agency will pay you what you deserve. When you go out on your own, you may not get paid what you want and/or deserve. A modeling agency like Brown will ensure you are paid properly. They know what each model is worth. They know the warning signs of when someone is taking advantage of you.

3) You will get more modeling opportunities with The Brown Agency. Sometimes online jobs do not pan out. Some jobs are technically not available. They are just being offered to entice prospective clients. 9 times out of 10 they are scamming you. You need the Brown Agency. Their jobs are legit. All jobs they offer are 100% available.

You will also meet other people that can give you jobs you would never have gotten. You cannot say the same for online jobs. Online is limitless and limited at the same time. An agency like Brown will offer you meetings that you only dreamed of.

4) You will get exposure on a national and international level. It is all 100% legit too. You can opportunities with offices in New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Take a look for yourself. Click on the links below to find out more about Brown Agency. There is a link on the site to submit any questions you may have.

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Jennifer Walden Returns To Texas With Her Family In Mind

Anyone searching for beauty advice can always consult the beautiful Jennifer Walden. She is a very well-known cosmetic surgeon that also deals with non-invasive surgical procedures, Botox, and Laser surgeries. She recently appeared on ABC and several of the talk shows to discuss non-invasive treatments and beauty secrets. Jennifer is one of the best beauty surgeons in America. Jennifer got her start working in New York under a Manhattan Ear, Throat, and Eye surgeon. Working with the surgeon in NY gave her a lot of experience that helps her today.

Jennifer Walden is the daughter of a dentist and surgical nurse. She had good influences on her life growing up and she hopes her sons will have the same. This is why she moved back to Austin Texas when she did. Being a single mom is challenging and Jennifer takes the role seriously. Jennifer is hoping her sons will play sports like she did. She was voted all-state when she was playing soccer. She has also put several medical awards under her belt. She won the American Women’s Association award and the American Society of Plastic Surgery award.

Plastic surgeons earn a lot of respect doing things like repairing body parts after injuries and helping people to lose unwanted skin after weight loss. Cosmetic surgeons help people by doing facelifts, nose jobs, and boob jobs. They can change the way a person looks at themselves by a tuck and a snip. Jennifer recently opened a new satellite office to better serve the community. She frequently blogs and is a very good writer.

New York was the first place Jennifer worked after graduating with her medical degree. She attended the University of Texas prior to graduating and working in New York. Jennifer was a media commentator and loves to talk about her job. She is also a very good teacher and helps others to understand issues. Jennifer gave birth to two boys and is happy to be back in Texas raising her sons. She works really hard at her job. She is featured in the new American Airlines Magazine. People can read all about her and her stance on particular issues by picking up one of the magazines in the back of the seat in front of them.


Find out more about Dr. Jennifer Walden:


The Madness Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere is not only known for her quirky personality, breaking of fashion rules, and vibrant outward appearance, but is also known for her female entrepreneurship. With so many brands in existence, it is no easy feat creating and maintaining a makeup brand in such a competitive field, but the Russian-born beauty seems to do so with ease. What are her secrets, and what makes Lime Crime so successful?

The Utilization of Age-Old Passions

As a girl, Doe always had a passion for colors and art as a hobby. An appreciation for all kinds of colors adorning her clothes, and even her face and body can be attributed to her current position. In fact, the Queen of Unicorns stated that makeup is only a small portion of her colorful world.

Trial and Error

Did you know that Deere claims to be pretty terrible at makeup–especially as a child? She shared with the public that she and her friends would do each other’s makeup at slumber parties, and the joke among them was how terrible Deere was at application. Improving by her early twenties, Deere enjoyed posting experimental makeup looks online to ask the public for their opinion.  In fact, she continues to do so on her official blog.

An Appreciation for Fans

Well, they are more appreciative of the term, “Unicorns,” but alas, Lime Crime is all about their fans. Designed as a means for self-expression, the company uses that concept in every aspect of their business. In fact, their social media pages and homepage itself allows for Unicorns across the globe to share their looks, ideas, and reasons for loving the company and their Queen. By staying in sync with the company, fans are able to feel part of its purpose and general success, which improves customer satisfaction and even the satisfaction of the CEO.  Check out Lime Crime on their Facebook, and make sure to follow them on Tumblr as well.

Wen By Chaz Can Be Ideal For Any User As Shown In Bustle Magazine

With so many hair care products on the market today, it can be very difficult for any user to decide which particular product is right for them. People walk into a beauty products store or look online on Amazon. They are almost immediately confronted with a vast array of beauty products. Any given user might have a few favorites but maybe they want to switch up it a bit because their hair is feeling dry or they have noticed some split ends that are making their look less than ideal. In that case, they look at certain products and try to figure out which one is right for them.

One Reporter Offers Options

In an effort to figure out potential solutions to her own beauty issues, one intrepid reporter for Bustle Magazine took the bull by the horns and brought her own hair to the table. For a few days, she chucked her existing beauty products and tried out an entirely new line of items. Her personal pick for beauty products was a new line of items called Wen by Chaz. She demonstrated what happened to her hair when she decided to try the new items for her readers in pictures that can help readers decide for themselves if they wish to do the same.

Wen By Chaz Hair Products

Wen By Chaz is a new line of hair care products. People can pick from items such as Sweet Almond Mint or Spring Orange Blossom that can help give their hair a pleasing smell and improved bounce and shine. Many people have found such items are just right for their own hair. The pleasing variety allows them to decide they might like to use one kind of product one day and then try out an entirely new product the very next day. For more info, visit their YouTube Channel.

Need Wen?