As a young student facing the daunting task of reality, growing from pupil to teacher, and having dreams of making it big in the world, one faces the fears and obstacles of failure. For young minds with the gift of furthering technology and nowhere to turn for financial assistance or how to make a dream a reality, Jason Hope is like a oasis in the desert. Jason Hope’s understanding of how technology works and movement toward the future has enabled him to help other techies launch their dreams off the ground floor.

Jason Hope also has the financial means to help invest in the future dreams of those who do not have the ability to get started. With both his tech savvy and financial backing, Jason has been able to steer other entrepreneurs toward the future. Much of this has aided in the continuing growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Jason Hope is a continuity of opportunity for young or aspiring entrepreneurs who, like himself, want to see the world of technology make leaps and bounds into the world of tomorrow.

As the growing demands to enhance the IoT continues to exponentially grow and take us with it into a future once only dreamt of in sci-fi movies, Jason Hope understands how to help make tech savvy entrepreneurs successful, and help add to the world of the IoT.

Of course many might be skeptical about the future of the IoT. When realizing that all thing have connectivity capability, that may leave substantially all things vulnerable to hacks. Even personal vehicles have been hacked and drivers left powerless to control their own vehicle. This is why Jason Hope is striving to help improve the world of technology, to help make the future of IoT safe and reliable, and operational as it is intended for.

Another area Jason Hope puts a lot of time and attention toward is life, the quality of life. Outside his philanthropic and technology investments, Jason has been working toward, not only improving quality of life, but also helping people live forever through the SENS Research Foundation. Hope’s hope is to help cure diseases that still have no cure.

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