Recent research shows that motion pictures are the most prevalent mode of marketing. Shrinking attention span also makes video marketing the proven method of choice to get the word out there to the public. Videos effectively engage audiences, making it a better tool for marketing.

Embedding video in an email increases the open rates by as much as 20%. According to, a study conducted by the Relevancy Group affirmed this by showing a 40% growth in email marketing revenue. This paradigm shift is attributed to the growth of the internet, besides a changing human culture.

Videos have been proven largely more efficient as compared to text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video, which is a combination of motion pictures, is worth a thousand fold more. Video in email has not always been around. In fact, a decade ago, the thought was considered crazy. Then came Talk Fusion and the impossible was done.

Unlike other products bearing resemblance to Talk Fusion, Talk Fusion is regarded as easy to use. While most video marketing newbies find the video email process intimidating, interacting with the Talk Fusion platform gives them an entirely new experience that is not only easy but fast as well. With over 1000 ready-to-go templates customized for different situations, one does not need in-depth knowledge of computers to use this invention. Talk Fusion not only uses the ready templates, but the end user has the option of customizing their individual templates to communicate their desired message.

Mr. Reina being one not to give sought help from an IT-savvy friend. Eventually, the duo made it happen and went ahead to perfect the art of putting videos into emails.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007. Not only have they put a video onto an email, but also Talk Fusion has come up with other innovative products for easier communication. Currently, the idea has caught on, and Talk Fusion is currently ranked eighth globally among online video content providers.

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