Bruce Levenson: A Leader in Business

Bruce Levenson is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in the U.S. Since his early childhood in Chevy Chase, MD, Bruce has earned his law degree from American University and worked as a journalist for the Washington Star.

His education and career success led him into the world of big business. Bruce became a co-founder of United Communications Group in 1977 and pursued other business ventures. In 2015, he became the director of TechTarget, Inc., which seeks to find better ways of connecting technology with business. His business savvy and commitment to hard work have helped him amass a substantial net worth.

According to ESPN, one of Bruce’s most remarkable business ventures was the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. In 2014, he decided to sell his share of the team to businessman Anthony Ressler for a reported $730 million.

In addition to all of his work in the corporate world, Bruce has also found the time to give back through his charitable efforts. He has volunteered to help the Hoop Dreams Foundation, the I Have a Dream Foundation and other philanthropic organizations. He has also donated money to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and helped to open the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.