Brad Reifler: Investing for the 99%

Seasoned investment advisor, Brad Reifler, learned after many years in the field that most investments are designed for the affluent. More than that, he discovered that government rules and investment regulations prohibit the average investor from many possibly lucrative opportunities.

These realizations brought Mr. Reifler to found his own company, Forefront Capital, with the average investor in mind. Mr. Reifler knows that there are investment opportunities available for people without a million dollars to invest. He also realized that the average, small investor must be educated for the risks and appropriate parameters of such opportunities.

Brad Reifler’s best advice to small investors is to follow these guidelines:

  • Invest safely – This means that people should not invest all their money in the stock market; people should invest with the protection of their funds as their primary priority.
  • Don’t invest with strangers – When considering trusting someone with your hard-earned cash, get to know them; become confident that they understand your goals and have your priorities in mind when suggesting investments.
  • Know They Investment Self – Set goals for your investments including such ideas as why you want to invest, what you plan to do with the funds you make and how much you need to yield to reach your goals.
  • Good after Good – If you have an investment that is going well, add more funds to that investment.

Mr. Reifler has an undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College in Economics and Political Science. He founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982 which went on to specialize in trading global derivatives. They managed many millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and progressed into institutional research and associated information distribution. His success in this endeavor captured the attention of Refco Inc, the world’s most substantial futures company, that bought the company in 2000.

Subsequently, Brad Reifler has founded several entrepreneurial companies including Pali Capital. He acted at the CEO of Pali Capital for 13 years and realized substantial success, including realizing a $200 million profit and expanding to the UK and Australia.

His current project, Forefront Capital has been very successful as well and led to the creation of an effort near to his heart. The realization that the middle income investor had few investment opportunities and many chances for devastating loss led Mr. Reifler to found the Forefront Income Trust Initiative. This well-funded effort seeks to enable middle income people access to profitable investments with limited chances of loss.

Mr. Reifler has been a successful serial entrepreneur and hopes that Forefront will be the capstone of his storied career.