Boraie Development funds Free Movies at the State Theatre.

The State Theatre recently entertained the people of New Jersey with the Free Summer Movies Series. Boraie Development joined efforts with the Provident Bank Foundation to sponsor the movies. The films that were shown in the theatre included Babe, Monster University, Aladdin, the Extra-Terrestrial, Frozen, and Despicable Me 2. People had an opportunity to enjoy free movies with their friends, families, and summer camps. State Theatre is a renowned movie place that has been operational since 1921 and is based in New Jersey. According to Hiam Boraie, who acts as Boraie Development’s VP, the real estate firm was glad to be involved in the free series that allowed people from different parts of the state to meet and enjoy movies at the historic theatre.

The Provident Bank Foundation’s executive director, Jane Kurek, also stated that the firm was happy to be involved in the programs that enabled several families from varying backgrounds to come together and enjoy themselves at the State Theater. The two companies have been donating towards the Community Access Initiative, which is a program that is organized by the theater. The primary goal of the free summer movies series is to ensure that people have entertainment that is family friendly. The Community Access Initiatives has been offering the people of New Jersey free events throughout the year. Over 7500 people were able to watch the summer movie series.

According to WSJ, Boraie Development is a company that has had a significant impact on New Jersey’s real estate industry. The construction firm has been in business for decades and has worked with various architects, contractors, and financial institutions in the development of top-notch buildings. Its expertise is in property management, real estate marketing and sales, as well as real estate development. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

The founder of the real estate company is Sam Boraie. The first project that the firm embarked on was in New Brunswick, and it greatly transformed the city. The four decades’ track record of Boraie Development is outstanding, and it is still devoted to establishing itself in the industry. The company was the first to ever construct state-of-the-art residential and commercial properties in downtown New Brunswick. The rapid development of the city’s real estate industry can be attributed to the efforts of the enterprise. Boraie Development has healthy work relationships with its clients, constructors, suppliers, and the residents of New Jersey. The people of New Brunswick will appreciate the company’s work for many more decades.

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