Avi Weisfogel: Making Others Smile In Many Ways

Avi Weisfogel, a world-renowned dentist, has the heart and mind of a philanthropist. Recently, he started a GoFund Me page for Operation Smile. He said that he was truly inspired by how the organization helps people. Founded in 1982 in the Philippines by Dr. and Mrs. William Magee, Operation Smile links professionals with children who have deformities such as cleft lips or palates.

The organization is staffed by volunteer medical professionals and operates through charitable donations. As of this date, Operation Smile has performed over 250,000 free surgeries for children and teens around the world with facial deformities.

No wonder Avi Weisfogel was so inspired by the outcome of this organization. After following what the organization does, Weisfogel felt the need to support it. The goal of his GoFund Me campaign is to raise at least $2,000 to donate to Operation Smile.

Weisfogel is a big fan of the New York Rangers hockey team. He is working with this year’s youth hockey camp for children, called the Rangers Youth Hockey Camp. This is part of the New York Ranger’s Go Skate program, which seeks to inspire children to skate and participate in hockey. Every year, the program reaches at least 10,000 children in the area.

When he is not working in his dental practice and charitable works, Weisfogel is also a talented musician. He has a unique hip-hop style that has built him a following on Soundcloud. He is looking forward to writing more music to share with his many fans.

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