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Strong Leadership of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects or AIA was created in 1875 with headquarters in Washington, D. C. It is a Professional organization for architects of the United States of America. The American Institute of Architects provides more than 90 000 members with a variety of services such as education, community redevelopment, government advocacy, as well as public outreach to improve the image of the profession and support it.

The Institute was first founded in New York City by a medium-sized group of 13 men who had dedicated their lives to the architect profession. Their goal was to make the profession be regarded as a more prestigious one as well as to attract more people taking it up. The first president of The American Institute of Architects was Richard Upjohn. The group decided in a meeting to start the growth of the The American Institute of Architects by inviting 16 prominent architects such a Thomas U. Walter and Alexander Jackson Davis, among others. The American Institute of Architects was a revolutionary establishment as before if there had been no schools or regulations for people claiming to be of the profession. The Institute, however, created laws and started a new period for the architect profession. Visit this website at  about AIA

Up to date, the leader of The American Institute of Architects is Mr. Robert Ivy who has been the Executive Vice President and Chief executive officer of the establishment. He received his higher education from the Sewanee- the University of the South where he studied from 1965 til 1969 and completed it with a bachelor’s degree in English. After that, he started attended the Tulane University in 1973 and graduated three years later with a master’s degree in Architecture.

In 1981, Robert Ivy took up the position as principal and critic for a number of national publications and worked the job until 1996 when he was appointed as Editor in Chief of the Architectural Records. He assisted in the growth of the business, and so the architectural journal became famous around the world. After that, Mr. Robert Ivy started working at the company McGraw Hill Construction Media as its Editorial Director and Vice President. The publication included more than five journals and magazines such as HQ Magazine, The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Architectural Record: China, and more. He established an excellent career in the industry. Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter for more updates.

Over the next years, Mr. Robert Ivy received a vast number of awards in recognition of his professional achievements as a leader and innovator. The journal he was working for received the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence which is an impressive feat as journal rarely earn such honors. The Architectural Record later started receiving dozens of awards and recognitions under Mr. Robert Ivy’s leadership.

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Malcolm CasSelle: Creating the WAX Platform

There are more than 400 million people around the world who are into playing online games. Most of them play RPG based games, which requires character customization and buying a lot of items that will aid the player throughout his or her adventure. One company managed to capitalize on the growing industry of virtual trading, and the company is being headed by Malcolm CasSelle. He founded the Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX for short, when he found out how gigantic the industry really is. He wanted to help online players get their hands on the items they wanted, and he knew that by creating a centralized location where all of the trades can be performed, the industry will unquestionably grow further.

Malcolm CasSelle has been managing WAX for more than ten years. Graduating from the MIT Stanford University, Malcolm CasSelle thought that in order for him to become successful, he should either get a job or become an entrepreneur. He started to look for jobs after he graduated from college, and one of the first jobs that he got into was at Tronc, where we served as its President and CTO. He would later join the ranks of OP Skins where he would be appointed as the chief investment officer. He would always be designated at the company’s digital arm, and he is tasked to see how the digital assets of his previous companies are doing. He also co-founded a Hong Kong based company that is now being valued at $35 billion.

Aside from working with the influential corporations, Malcolm CasSelle also became a serial entrepreneur when he decided to open several startups, wherein some became successful in the end. He is also an active investor, investing more of his money to Zynga and Facebook. Aside from the usual investment options, Malcolm CasSelle is also an aggressive buyer of cryptocurrencies, and knowing that it is the future of currency, Malcolm CasSelle decided to integrate the technology on their website. According to Malcolm CasSelle, block chain technology really helped them a lot. Because of the newly created system, online game traders are safely monitored by the program, making sure that no illegal transactions are made.

The Diversity of Netpicks Content

For people that are looking for content about money, the best place for them to go is NetPicks. This website is involved with the different markets of finances. There is an exhaustive amount of information available on any market. At the same time, they have tons of tools for people to use to help them profit from their activities. Some of these tools are free to use while others are going to cost a fee. Even the ones that cost something are going to be offered by NetPicks for free every once in a while.

However, the most important aspect to NetPicks is the content it offers. It talks about some of the most popular markets including Forex, Futures, and Options Trading. The information on these markets are very extensive. At the same time, they offer information on some of the trading strategies such as day trading and swing trading. There is information on each of the different types of trading. Therefore, people who have decided on a method can learn all they need to know to make it an effective method from NetPicks. People who study from this website are very likely to make their trading a successful venture.  Additional trading tips on

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One thing that NetPicks is recommending for people to take part in is Options Trading. One of the reasons that Options Trading is such a good opportunity is because they are derivative of the stocks. For one thing, when one buys an option, he buys the rights as well. Therefore, he can sell it if he chooses, but he does not have to sell it within a certain amount of time. To read more about options trading, check this link on

Options and Forex are among the most lucrative opportunities in the market. There is also Binary Options for people that are interested in making a set amount of money just for being right about the price prediction.   Additional trading tips on

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A Method Of Trading Recommended By Netpicks

The “Lock and Walk” method of trading has been around for roughly 20 years now, and is well-known by Netpicks staff. In a nutshell, this is what it entails: Look at movements of stocks through a technical lens. Using yourself or a bot to do this, you then place your trades based on the numbers themselves and not the particular stock.

This is a quick moving method, recommended by Netpicks, that is designed for short trades. This is not something you sit on for three days, but rather three hours. This is also best suited for traders who use technical analysis in one fashion or another, anyway. They have no skin in any particular game. They do not pay attention to the market news or history of Apple, Novartis or a commodity like wheat. They only care about what the movement is doing right now.

The irony is, that is not lost on Netpicks, that this is basically how Binary Option trading works in regard to the timelines. Lock and Walk and Binaries both have limited time structures, yet the Lock and Walk crowd will usually look down on Binary traders. Going so far as to call them “Wall Street Gamblers”. Also, the numbers and movements of those numbers that traders look at are akin to FOREX trading in regards to the playing of one set of numbers against another in order to spot a gain, at which point you would sell.  Read this relevant article about socially responsible investment, check this.

Critical analysis aside, this is an effective way of trading that can be profitable for the right people, according to Netpicks. Namely, long time traders who know what they’re doing. This is not a game for the newcomer as this involves a keen knowledge and awareness of the numbers involved and what, specifically, they mean. For tutorial blogs, visit their page.

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It also helps to know that this method is best used during any time of year, the summer especially, when the market is hard to read. This method helps take the uncertainty out of a choppy market by using a method that is stable by nature. Meaning that it is based on numbers only.  Start getting connected, click this useful link.

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DACA Declines After Uplifting US Economy

Since 2012, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has helped many young men and women achieve what most would be considered only a dream. DACA is a program that gives a social security number, a pass on deportation, and the opportunity to work within the United States for youth that meets certain requirements. With many adults seeking better opportunities for their families, they bring their children against their will to the United States. Some participants even seek to attend college with the benefit of paying in-state tuition. These kids instead of being forced back and forth through a system and the border of Mexico instead are given an opportunity. However, certain individuals in the GOP are seeking to end this program once and for all.

Attorney General Ken Paxton along with eight other attorney generals and one governor wrote a letter to Trumps administration to end the program. A total of 800,000 face loss of all their benefits, even the worse case scenario of deportation. Those in the DACA program are called DREAMers. These DREAMers are contributing to the success of the United States immensely. Over 95 percent of DREAMers are employed or currently in some form of study. Their participation in colleges and universities across the United States brings in millions of dollars to those institutions. Many DREAMers have high earnings and pay high taxes. DREAMers are making investments for themselves and the country. By increasing the knowledge through more furthering their education. DREAMers are also purchasing big-ticket items such as cars and homes. Also, many DREAMers are creating their own business to provide resources for the very communities in which they reside.

There was a talk with the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to discuss cases in DACA with the hopes to stop the rescinding of the program. This meeting was held by individuals within the Hispanic Caucus. These individuals want DREAMers to not be afraid, but be alarmed that fighting back is necessary. One organization really working to make a change is the Frontera Fund.

Led by Lacey and Larkin Frontera, the Frontera Fund seeks to amass resources and money to help organizations that promote migrant rights the necessary funds to do so. They work for migrant rights, but also civil, human, as well as overall public participation. Mainly assisting Hispanics in Arizona they seek to aid other entities that will promote assistance for DREAMers nationawide.

DACA Program Is Facing Sustained Attacks From Politicians Of Red States

The sustained onslaught of DACA programs by Republican-leaning politicians has thrown young immigrants into a frenzy. The news that politicians might consider abolishing the DACA initiative has left many young immigrants in shock.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is one of the programs that is protecting undocumented youth with specific qualifications from deportation by the authorities. The initiative offers the young immigrants, social security numbers and a chance to get employed in the US. The temporary work permit is renewable every two years. Some states which are more welcoming, allow the immigrants to obtain a driver’s license and scholarship opportunities through the program.

The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is one of the individuals who are hell bent on clawing back the gains that immigrants have made in the past few years. Recently, Ken Paxton sent a letter to the Trump administration requesting the government to abolish the DACA program. According to the AG, he will file suit against the state if his demands are not met. The AG suggests phasing out of the program systematically in a plan where new applications will not be accepted, and renewals will not be given any consideration.

Nine Attorney Generals from Republican-inclined states including one governor gave the nod to the letter.

A few days ago, the Hispanic Caucus held a meeting with Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly. The main agenda for the meeting was finding a way to protect a program that supports over 800,000 persons. Before the meeting, advocates of equal rights for immigrants had already sounded a warning on the future of DACA programs.

The DACA program is making its fifth anniversary. The initiative has helped thousands DACA beneficiaries lead a dignified life in the US. DACA beneficiaries contribute to the growth of the American economy. Many of them are law-abiding citizens who pay taxes to the federal government.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is one of the biggest backers of the DACA program. The charity has pledged to fight for the preservation of the DACA initiative. DACA beneficiaries and funders have staged protests across the United States to bring the attention of the nation to the planned onslaught on the program.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund was established against the backdrop of injustices meted on immigrants. The organization has supported numerous initiatives that seek to better the lives of immigrants.

Sentient AI-E-commerce Customer Experience: How To Keep Your Customer Base Loyal and On Your Side


E-commerce is on the rise. Clients do not have to go to a physical brick and mortar store to buy what they want. They can go online and click the “buy” tab. I spent many years working with customers, although some people call them clients. Your customer might not need the physical store as much anymore, but they still need the traditional customer experience.

According to those at Sentient AI, your sales depend on the person and not the product. The product they can get anywhere. They come to you for the e-commerce customer experience. You want to keep it that way, right? Follow Sentient’s profile on Twitter.

Sentient AI-E-Commerce Customer Experience: Four Things You Need To Keep In the Back of Your Mind

You might agree with the following tips, but they will help you keep your customer base loyal.

1) You do not ever want to badmouth your competition to your clients. I saw a lot of that going when I worked retail. Badmouth the competition does not reflect well on you. Some clients will see you as bitter, rude, and full of sour grapes. You need to keep your personal feeling to yourself and carry on with your work.

2) The customer knows what they want. They do not need you coming and telling them how to shop. They might be wrong, but it is not up to you to tell them that. You need to let the customer figure out they are wrong in their own time. If you do not, they will see you as rude and you will lose their business.

3) You need to act like a professional all the time, even when doing business online. You need to keep things business casual. You need to watch what you say. They do not want to hear about your personal exploits. Customers tend to question the professionalism when a seller behaves that way. You need to draw a fine line between business and personal when it comes to the e-commerce customer experience.

4) You do not ever want to engage in gossip. That rule goes right along with the previous rule. If a client sees or hears you talking about someone at work, even online, they will think you do the same to them. According to Sentient AI, gossip will not help keep your customers loyal. In fact, gossip will do the exact opposite.

“Keep a smile on your face and close your mouth”


Netpicks and The Concepts of Trends as Well as the Importance of Patience

When looking for information on trends, Netpicks is the best source to look to because they have all of the information presented to people from experienced traders. Therefore, they make it clear to newer traders on what to look for when it comes to trend trading in the Forex market and other markets. One of the most important traits of a successful trend trader is patience. Another important trait is attentiveness. It can be easy for a trader to make hasty decisions when he is left unchecked. This is one of the reasons that he has to make sure that he takes time to gather himself so that he can wait patiently for the right opportunity.  Read more about trading, check this link on

One of the reasons that patience is very important when it comes to trends is that people can make the wrong trading decisions when they rush it. Netpicks has a lot of information on trends that can encourage people to look before they leap. A lot of times, many traders will see what they think is a change in the trend, but it will turn out to be just a fake out. The price will break a trend point, and then it will go back to its earlier trend. This is something that can frustrate the newcomer. However, experience is always a good teacher.  Access their tutorial blogs, visit

Experience does not have to be the only teacher. As a matter of fact, information presented by articles can help manage the amount of experience that a trader might need.  For their recent timeline activity updates, check on this.

It also helps to get some practice with a practice account. When one is able to test the principles he reads about from training documents as well as articles about the Forex market and other markets, then he will increase his chances of being a profitable individual. Trend trading is one of the simplest concepts to learn with trading.  Hit on to read about socially responsible investment.

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Strong Women in the Music Industry

Whoever said women don’t do well in the music business?

Recently, Billboard published an article entitled, “Women in Music 2017: The Most Powerful Executives in the Industry”. In this article, they explore the powerful women in music. Instead of discussing female singers, writers, and musicians they primarily talk about the ones who are running the show. That is, the executives working at record labels day and night for the success of their artists. Some of the women profiled include Sharon Timure, Elsa Yep, Katina Bynum, Allison Jones, Dia Simms, Mimi Valdes, Barbara Carr, Elizabeth Collins, and Desiree Perez.

These women have worked for some very famous names.

This list of names includes executives that have worked for Prince, Bjork, Jay-Z, Alessia Cara, and more. At the beginning of the article, Billboard talks about the woman who they have named their Executive Of The Year: Julie Greenwald of Atlantic Records. Over the past several years, Greenwald has brought enormous success to Atlantic Records and the artists they represent.

Another woman mentioned is the infamous Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez is known for the work she’s done on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Perez has worked with Jay-Z for over two decades. And when it comes to ‘strong women’? Well, Des Perez fits the very definition. Known for her tough negotiation practices and keeping her private life concealed, Perez has helped bring success to every project that she had a hand in. Largely, she has helped get Jay-Z’s Roc Nation up and running and off the ground to success.


Eric Lefkofsky Advocates for More Empathetic Research

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a research and technology innovator in the field of oncology research. He explains the importance of empathetic practices in the way that patients are treated and cared for. Tempus is a revolutionary organization that leverages the latest developments in cancer research and data analysis to create better methods of treatment and collection of patient molecular data. The specific genetic profiling that this technology allows will help infrastructure and healthcare systems at large. This is because Tempus provides options that will inform medical decisions and create a substantial basis for data regarding individual patient outcomes.

Eric Lefkofsky indicates that there needs to be a greater deal of empathy in both research and clinical practices today. Not only is it important for the medical institutions to spend money on research, but they need to also integrate technology so that the results that they have and find will actually be useful towards patients. The rapid rate of innovation when it comes to data analysis in science shows that there is a need for healthcare systems to incorporate new modalities of healing and therapy. Cancer treatment in particular, based on genetic profiling and information may help target cancer cells and prevent them from spreading or growing.

Ultimately, the mission of Tempus is to integrate available resources and provide better annals for medical research. Analyzing large data and infrastructure are significant because they provide lasting results that may influence the way cancer biology is understood today. Having an empathetic approach means that these novel modalities and changes are consistently applied in the field of treatment. Specifically when it comes to improved gene therapy and immunotherapy, big data and modeling a patient’s molecular formation can be integral and inform future therapies to a great degree.

Being mindful of the way that governments and private institutions allocate funds can also result in greater empathy for patients. Valuable resources, when leveraged alongside technological infrastructure can help propagate the change that our healthcare system needs. Eric Lefkofsky advocates for a greater large scale interest in implementing change, and doing so with empathy.