A Review Of How Don Ressler Has Impacted The Business Community

Commitment and vision lead to success and this is what is portrayed by Don Ressler in the various businesses he has launched.  Ressler is a creative individual who is known for the establishment of several online retail stores, which have stood out in the market and competed well with successful companies. For more than one decade, Ressler has focused his energy on online stores and this has offered him massive success.

Ressler’s first business, FitnessHeaven.com, was established as a fitness products online outlet and with the success the business achieved in a short period of time, Ressler wanted to move to other major ideas, something that forced him to sell the company. FitnessHeaven was acquired by Intermix Media and this gave Ressler the needed capital to fuel his next startup.

The takeover brought Ressler together with Adam Goldenberg, who was then working with Intermix as their COO. They agreed to form a new company and the idea that first struck their minds was online advertising, which was the basis for the establishment of Alena Media. Alena performed quite well and made millions in revenue from the advertising division. In 2005, Alena was acquired by News Corp and the duo moved to bigger ideas.

Intelligent beauty
The fact they were skilled in online performance advertising on entrepreneur.wiki gave them more reasons to start a business that would help them to exploit these skills and knowledge. This time they would work to market their own work not other businesses as was the case with Intermix.

Therefore, they established Intelligent Beauty, which was based around beauty products and fitness equipment. Intelligent Beauty owns DERMSTORE, which offers skincare and cosmetic products. They also have a fitness brand referred to as SENSA. By 2008, Intelligent Beauty had acquired a sizable share of the market and they reported high returns from the two brads.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg continued with the spirit and in 2010, they launched an entirely new company, JustFab. The company is an e-commerce online fashion retailer that has grown into one of the most successful online subscription stores in Europe and America. To effectively manage the growth process, JustFab sought funding amounting to $33 million from Matrix Partners to reinforce its infrastructure. Don Ressler later signed a bigger deal with Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures and Intelligent Beauty that saw them raise $76 million in 2012. This would help JustFab to penetrate into other markets namely UK, Germany and Canada.