A New Way Of Ordering Home Cleaning And Contractor Services

Handy Provides Convenience And Quality For Home Cleaning And Other Home Services

Handy is a startup internet, technology and home services company that was created in 2012. Its co-founders are Irishman Oisin Hanrahan and Indian Umang Dua. The company was born when the two co-founders realized that a large market existed for rapid online booking of cleaning services in homes.

The two took their business to investors. Many thought the idea to be a novelty, but some such as Highland Capital Partners put enough money into the plan to help the company start. Handy started as a home cleaning and maid service company where people could book appointments through the web.

The company has come a long way since then. There is now a Handy app that lets you book, pay, make changes and manage your cleaning appointments through the convenience of your smart phone. Service areas have been added all over the United States and even abroad. The company no longer only serves New York City and Los Angeles. NYC home cleaning service is now available in dozens of cities in the USA. The company has also entered the markets in the United Kingdom and Canada. More cities are expected to have Handy Service in the future in both the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Beginning as a home cleaning service that could be booked on the web or through a smart phone, Handy now offers other home services as well. Basic contractor service such as a plumber, electrician or HVAC mechanic coming to a home and doing repairs has been added. Handy has not stopped there though. The company now offers handyman service, assistance with assembly of furniture, TV mounting, moving and more.

The same principle applies to contractor services such as a plumber as it does to a maid service. Handy.com customers can book a plumber to come to their home through the web or through their phone. They select the day, the time and describe what they need done, installed or repaired. They are then given a confirmation and a professional will show up and get the job done.

Handy has gone to great lengths to ensure that its customers are protected. They offer a full money back guarantee for all services done at a home. Each job is fully licensed and ensured. This will cover any accidents or damages. Employees at Handy are independent contractors who are background checked. They are also checked for proper credentials when doing contractor work such as fixing an AC