A Look At Kenneth Goodgame

Who Is Kenneth Goodgame?

Kenneth Goodgame is a retail marketing and sales executive with over thirty years of experience in the retail industry. In that period of time Mr. Goodgame has worked for five major retail companies. Goodgame attended the university of Tennessee where he graduated with a bachelors of science in marketing degree.

A Look At Kenneth Goodgame’s Early Career

Kenneth began his retail marketing career with the Home Depot in 1994. His positions at Home Depot included being a product merchant from 1995-1999. In this position Kenneth Goodgame was in charge of purchasing goods for the indoor garden section of Home Depot for its southern region stores. In this time, the Home Depot opened up 220 new stores where Goodgame was involved in the indoor garden section. One of the biggest accomplishments of Kenneth Goodgame while working in this position at the Home Depot was being the leading figure as the company expanded into the Puerto Rican market. He helped open up 14 stores there and secured local and foreign contracts with vendors to supply the store.

Kenneth Goodgame’s next position at the Home Depot was the director of propriety brands which her served from 1999-2001. He negotiated with manufacturer John Deere to produce lawn mowers and tractors for sale to the general consumer under Home Depots Scotts Brand. He also helped launch the Rigid wet dry vacuum brand of Home Depot. The brand would overtake competitors such a Sears for the wet dry vacuum market. Mr. Goodgame also oversaw the development of the Husky and Workforce brands in Home Depot as well. These brands saw a boost in sales and a greater return on investment under his tutelage.

Mr. Goodgame’s last position at the Home Depot was as a global product merchant during 2001-2002. In this position Kenneth Goodgame oversaw the purchasing of over $1.5 billion dollars in merchandise for consumer and commercial products for all Home Depot stores. During his time as global product merchant Kenneth Goodgame also helped launch the single biggest product line in company history. This was the launching of the John Deere line of products.