A Look at IAP Worldwide Services Portfolio

IAP Worldwide Services offers logistics, facilitates management and provides advanced professional services. The company serves commercial clients and governments internationally. Services provided by IAP to the government sector include emergency response, aviation support services, network and communication, logistics and expeditionary services. The company was initially known as International American Products, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. was founded in 1990 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The firm prides itself in a competent workforce that provides services with ingenuity, passion and purpose. The board of members is led by the Director of the company who is Mr. Douglas Kitani. Douglas is also the Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.

The firm has always aimed to be the best in terms of logistics and procurement. IAP Worldwide has received distinguished contracts that have helped in expanding the portfolio of the company. Some of IAP’s notable contracts include the NATO contract which was awarded to them under the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency. In the NATO contract, the firm was tasked with the responsibility of providing Air Traffic Control services and maintenance of navigation equipment.IAP worldwide Services, Inc. was awarded a contract to provide NASA’s Ames Research Centre with facility maintenance services. Other contracts awarded to the company include support services to Florida’s MacDill Air Force Base and a $17 million power contract in Afghanistan.

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IAP Worldwide services Inc. was ranked by the GI Jobs Magazine as the top military-friendly employer. In 2010, IAP was awarded by Florida’s United Way of Brevard County with the Campaign Excellence Award. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has been honored for being committed to strictly follow its safety standards and procedures. This was the Safety Excellence Award that was awarded to them at Ames Research Centre project in December 2010. The company was also named by the Brevard Schools Foundation as the Outstanding Business Partner in 2011.

The company continues to provide unique and flexible solutions to their clients. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. works with the industry’s top talent. The firm strives to keep and nurture the talent by offering growth opportunities. IAP Worldwide Services has employed more than 1,600 qualified professionals in over 20 countries worldwide. They help clients to achieve their goals by using science and technology. The firm has a new Aviation & Engineering Solutions unit that will help expand its catalogue of services to the United States and international government organizations and agencies.

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