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The Success of Status Labs

The online reputation management industry is a growing industry that has coincided with the growth of the internet and the demand of consumers to use the internet in order to find the best companies that offer different products and services that also possess positive reviews along with up to date information. The online reputation management industry has become an essential investment for businesses all over the world that are both large and small in order to make sure that they not only have a backup plan to manage any reputation crisis, but to also make sure that consumers get exactly what they are demanding with their own company. The online reputation management industry consists of marketing firms like all over the world that have been figuring out unique ways in order to help their customers stand out to the consumers. They are using creative techniques that tailor each solution to the different clients.

Of the many online reputation management firms around the world that are growing in success, one reputation management firm in particular stands out due to not only the success of the company, but also due to the results that have proven that this company offers some of the most creative solutions. This company is known as Status Labs and was created by Darius Fisher, a young individual with extensive experience as a reputation manager within the world of politics. Darius Fisher and his team of experts offer a second chance to their clients in a world where one bad comment can often ruin the reputation of a small business.

Darius Fisher has been changing the marketing industry and has received much recognition for his efforts within the industry. Darius Fisher has recently been awarded for the success of his company with the Business Development Individual of the Year award which is only given to true innovators in the marketing industry. Darius Fisher mostly attributes the success of his company to his team. Darius Fisher relies on his team and allows for each member to be creative with their solutions and to think outside the box on their own terms.

Securus Technologies – Helping Transform Correctional Agencies With Technology

Securus Technologies has for years been a market leader in the field of criminal investigative technology, public safety, prison telecommunications, and law enforcement technology. The firm offers a broad range of products that helps the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently and also allows the inmates to talk with their friends and families outside in a safe and unrestricted manner.

It is one of the remarkable achievements of the technology in today’s date as it helps in providing a modernized incarceration experience to the prisoners, who are already under tremendous psychological stress. Talking to friends and family and staying in touch with them without having to spend a fortune is a blessing in disguise for many and gives a reason for survival. It also helps in their overall mental and personality development throughout their incarceration and helps them mend their ways for a better life ahead.

The products and services of Securus Technologies reach out to over a million customers across the country, and over 3,450 law enforcement and public safety agencies use their products. It helps with investigations and finding evidence that aids in furnishing evidence in the court of justice. It is one of the most advanced technologies available for the correctional agencies, which paves the way for a better and more secured community, free of crime.

The press released by Securus Technology that was recently published online has helped many discover more about the company. It showcased many of the comments from the company’s present and past customers, who described how the company’s products and services are useful for them. The company in the press release also gave an open invitation to the investors as well as the clients to check out the company’s technology center located in Dallas, Texas, which also serves as the company’s main headquarters.

David Giertz explains why workers need to learn more about their social security benefits

Imagine working hard your entire life, and investing in your later years only to find that the benefits you are receiving are by far too little compared to what they expected? Well, this is the nightmares that many pensioners have to face after their lifetime savings plans are compromised by the wrong investment decisions that they make. There is one investor who believes that it is high time financial advisers stopped avoiding the subject of social security benefits with their clients. David Giertz, a senior vice president at one of the subsidiaries of the Nationwide Life Insurance Company, was interviewed by the wall street journal about the issue.


He gave details of a study that they had conducted about the level of knowledge people had about social security benefits. About 86 percent of the people questioned had no idea about the factors which determine the amount they were receiving as benefits. Even more alarming was the fact that more than a third of the pensioners were receiving benefits that were much less than what they had expected. David said that financial advisers shy away from the topic because to start with, it is one of the most complex issues to address. Explaining the entire 2,700 rules that affect the manner in which the social security benefits are administered is tedious for most. On the other hand, the customers seem eager to learn more about the role that social security benefits play in their entire retirement plan.


About David Giertz


David has 31 years of experience as a financial advisor. He has been working with the Nationwide Financial Company as a senior vice president since 2013. He is FINRA certified broker and has worked in several other administrative posts at the company. He is well respected in the field. He is currently based at the headquarters of the company in Columbus, Ohio.

U.S. Money Reserve Implores Users to Try Out Its Fresh Website and Coin Catalogue

Money Reserve has announced the release of its new and highly improved website,, according to an article on PR Newswire. The fresh website is a true reflection of its industry leadership status in the precious metals sector. The newly included features speak volumes of the company’s core values of deep commitment and trust to offer better-quality customer service. The new online design showcases impressive photographs of the brand’s distinguished and notable leader, Philip N. Diehl, the former U.S. mint director and present U.S. Money Reserve president. It also features a beautiful gallery showcasing the new coins. The redesigned website seeks to educate consumers on the various benefits of having the government-issued bullion as well as boost the experience of buying precious metals using gold coins.






According to Ryan Buchanan, the VP of brand and creative, U.S. Money Reserve now has a fully receptive tool to generate great content on all platforms and interact with clients. It will also offer clients access to the best precious metal goods in the world via its protected online storefront. Buchanan was in charge of overseeing the whole redesign process as well as implementing the fresh features and applications aimed at enlightening the consumers and simplify the purchase process of bullions.



Live Competitive Pricing



As an expanding online shop, it offers great live viable pricing on bars, gold and silver bullion. The U.S. Money Reserve further presents PCGS qualified coins and other special products for the shrewd precious metal buyers. Customers have the option of signing up for gold information stuff at no cost or visit the site’s knowledge center for current information. The information contains recent news on precious metals as well as terms associated with grading, minting and buying. Customers can gain access to the most recent updates on the precious metals marketplace on the Full Headline Gold News Room.



Client Connect Advantage



Money Reserve can now contact its clients easily via the Client-Connect Advantage for safe online transactions, one-to-one consultations, exceptional offline releases and purchasing assistance. Its BuyBack Guarantee is among the best available return policies in this industry as it refunds the full amount on qualified coin orders at the current values within 30 days. It is paired to one of the swiftest indemnified shipping methods available and fresh programs e.g. the Gold Standard IRA.



About U.S. Money Reserve


U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by veterans in the gold market who recognized the need for combining quality customer service, trustworthy guidance and professional market knowledge necessary when buying the precious metals. It ranks as the leading distributor of government issued silver, platinum and gold coins. A lot of clients across the U.S. rely on it to diversify all their assets with precious metals in the form of silver and gold coins.



Rick Smith Drives Innovation in Securus Technologies

Richard A. Smith also called as Rick Smith is driving innovation in the correction and prison technology firm Securus Technologies as the Chief Executive Officer of it. Since his appointment as the top executive officer of the company in 2008, it saw rampant changes in its strategies and started focusing on the long-term growth of the firm. His innovation drive in technology and law enforcement helped the firm to win a number of patents in corrections and law enforcement. It should be noted that the firm has achieved 36 patents in the last three years and the credit for this achievement shows the influential leadership of Rick and his visionary initiatives. Incidentally, he expanded the size of the firm’s R&D team and added more software developers into the firm, and this has paid well with the results.

Interestingly, the services offered by the firm also expanded and more popularized under him. The family and friends’ services, investigative solutions, monitoring solutions, corrections solutions, and public safety solutions have been used by both individuals and government organizations. Apart from driving innovation in his firm, Rick also ensures shaping the industry as a whole. He brings practical solutions that can address the needs of inmates and law enforcement divisions alike. His commitment made the firm to contribute $1.3 Billion to Jail, Prison and Government funding during the last ten years. Under family and friends services, the inmate calls to their family and friends crossed 1,000,000 on the Christmas day shows how successful the firm’s VoIP calling platform. He helped the firm to develop the industry’s first inmate services operating system called ConnectUs.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick was working as the CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. During his nine-year term in the firm, he helped it to grow its revenue from $30 million to around $350 million with an EBITDA margin of $80 million and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 48%. Rick also helped the Eschelon to make a successful IPO in 2005. Before assuming the role of CEO in the firm he was the Chief Operating Officer of the firm for three years. Rick also worked as the Chief Financial Officer of the firm. Interestingly, his exceptional services to Eschelon helped him to grab the CEO role at Securus Technologies, as the board members of Securus were impressed with his contributions to Eschelon. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Regarding his education, Rick completed his graduation and masters in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. He completed his Associate’s Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and did his MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick Smith has vast experience in various industries and sectors. He worked in telecom, operations, IT, finance, business development, and more. During the initial years of his career, Rick also worked with Global Crossing North America Inc.

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