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Why Securus Technologies Is a Great Tool To Utilize

Securus Technologies should never be taken for granted as it’s a wonderful form of communicative technology that enables people to do a myriad of different things. However, it’s important for people who use it to know exactly what the program offers and how they can benefit from utilizing it.


Securus Technologies has been designed specifically to assist inmates in their communicative efforts. Many people are unaware of whether they will be able to speak with someone who is outside of their correctional facilities. As a result, they may find themselves in a position where they will be seeking different ways of keeping in touch with those on the outside. Visitation times are often limited as jails are so busy that they may not be able to give potential visitors a time to visit within a specified time that’s most convenient for them. As a result, the visitation schedule that the inmate was looking forward to may not occur at all. Be sure to see how Securus Technologies technologies can help you to ensure that a visitation session still occurs.


Securus Technologies has not only helped to connect inmates and their loved ones via means of video chatting, it’s also had an effect of assisting police officials with solving crimes based on some of the things that have been spoken about in the video chatting sessions. The things that are spoken about in the chat sessions can be used to begin certain types of investigative efforts so that the crime no longer takes place within the premises of the jail the inmate is located in. It has not only had an effect on people’s lives in the sense that they’re able to use it to keep in touch, but it’s also had effects of helping to protect the community by solving crimes that were occurring.


Richard Blair Plans To Arm Texans With Financial Knowledge

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions offers top services to his clients in the Austin, Texas area by protecting and managing their assets. Mr. Blair is a resourceful partner to have; as founder of Wealth Solutions he is extremely experiences and is more than qualified for the job, with numerous certifications including RICP, CFS, CAS, and CES.

His company Wealth Solutions is a Texas-based investment advisory firm, operating as a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Mr. Blair runs his company through his belief that every person deserves and needs a solid financial plan that lets them pursue each and every one of their goals. With this belief, he plans on arming each citizen in the Austin area with the tools they need to accomplish these goals, through retirement planning and wealth management services.

Richard Blair’s company has become successful partly due to its amazing three-pillar approach to business. These pillars allow Wealth Solutions to not only discover the client’s financial situation, but also their financial needs and a customized plan to reach their goals.

The first pillar is designed to create a complete lay out of the client’s financial roadmap. This pillar allows Wealth Solutions to identify their client’s goals, strengths, and opportunities for growth. Blair believes that by understanding where a client comes from, it is easier to help them create a plan to follow.

The second pillar involves developing a client’s long-term strategy that will allow them to meet their needs and goals. Each plan is customized to the client’s needs and goals. Richard Blair works hard to manage the client’s assets to ensure the best performance of their portfolio, while also reducing any impact to the client’s investments during any negative market periods.

The third pillar is based off of the client’s insurance needs. After establishing the client’s goals and the strategies needed to meet their goals, Mr. Blair does his best to meet their long-term care, life insurance, and annuity needs.

After graduating from college, Richard Blair immediately entered the financial industry in 1993. Just one short year later, he branched out on his own to create the independent firm, Wealth Solutions. Mr. Blair had the strong desire to give personalized and professional advice to clients in an unbiased atmosphere. Due to his exposure to the world of education as a child, Richard Blair has always been passionate about helping others’ confidence grow through knowledge. Combine that with his natural talent for finance and it is easy to see why he has become one of the very best in the industry.

Beautiful Kim Dao Provides A Secret To Her Skincare

Kim Dao’s video called skin treatment injection in Korea was informative and beautifully done. She appears at the beginning of the video with a beautiful fur jacket and then she takes a taxi to the dermatology clinic. Kim Dao takes the elevator to reach the clinic to have the treatment done. She arrives and is welcomed with a special gift bag from Beatique Korea. This bag is given to all new patients. The bag included snacks, a charger for your phone, and skin masks. Kim Dao mentioned how welcomed she felt because of the gift bag and the snacks inside. She also said she forgot her phone charger adaptor, therefore, one in the gift bag was appreciated. Kim Dao felt her skin was dry and her skin tone was uneven. The staff in the clinic told pictures of her for a before and after. The doctor told her that her skin was very dry as she had thought. He recommended a PIP treatment. Kim Dao said this treatment was to remove very small amounts blood from other parts of your body and put it back into your face. This causes your faces skin texture to improve. She said the entire treatment was almost completely painless.

How to succeed in life

Josh Verne is a prosperous entrepreneur who has accumulated more than twenty years of experience in the industry. He focuses on initializing, selling and growing of businesses. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of His success in the industry is due to the one quote by Jonathan Swift that he sticks to “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”


He states that there are two different types of people in managerial positions, a leader and a boss. A boss demands utmost respect from his employees and expects them to do exactly what he says. A leader puts the welfare of his employees ahead of his and they set their goals together hence earning their respect. For a person to successful in the entrepreneurial industry and life in general, he should be a leader who practices leadership qualities.


Josh Verne explains that every deal you agree should be a win-win and not a win-lose. The deal should always result in a win for you, your clients, employees and the society in general. No matter how dire a condition looks, there will always be a way of creating a win situation for everyone. When you settle for a win-lose situation, you will always have to find the appropriate solution when faced with an unexpected challenge. The win-win situation always results in skyrocketing your business and reputation.


Josh Verne uses the example of having two ears and one mouth for a specific reason. You should always listen more and speak less. This will increase your knowledge capacity. The less you indulge in speaking, the more the authority and power of your words. People will always listen keenly to what you say.


He encourages all individuals to have balanced lives. Having all the money in the world does not make you happy. A healthy life and a happy family should be a priority for everyone. Balancing is more of making substantial progress in all aspects of life like relationships, personal growth, health and wealth. It is not all about spending an equal amount of time to all the aspects but spending enough time to ensure that you always grow.


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Brad Reifler: Investing for the 99%

Seasoned investment advisor, Brad Reifler, learned after many years in the field that most investments are designed for the affluent. More than that, he discovered that government rules and investment regulations prohibit the average investor from many possibly lucrative opportunities.

These realizations brought Mr. Reifler to found his own company, Forefront Capital, with the average investor in mind. Mr. Reifler knows that there are investment opportunities available for people without a million dollars to invest. He also realized that the average, small investor must be educated for the risks and appropriate parameters of such opportunities.

Brad Reifler’s best advice to small investors is to follow these guidelines:

  • Invest safely – This means that people should not invest all their money in the stock market; people should invest with the protection of their funds as their primary priority.
  • Don’t invest with strangers – When considering trusting someone with your hard-earned cash, get to know them; become confident that they understand your goals and have your priorities in mind when suggesting investments.
  • Know They Investment Self – Set goals for your investments including such ideas as why you want to invest, what you plan to do with the funds you make and how much you need to yield to reach your goals.
  • Good after Good – If you have an investment that is going well, add more funds to that investment.

Mr. Reifler has an undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College in Economics and Political Science. He founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982 which went on to specialize in trading global derivatives. They managed many millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and progressed into institutional research and associated information distribution. His success in this endeavor captured the attention of Refco Inc, the world’s most substantial futures company, that bought the company in 2000.

Subsequently, Brad Reifler has founded several entrepreneurial companies including Pali Capital. He acted at the CEO of Pali Capital for 13 years and realized substantial success, including realizing a $200 million profit and expanding to the UK and Australia.

His current project, Forefront Capital has been very successful as well and led to the creation of an effort near to his heart. The realization that the middle income investor had few investment opportunities and many chances for devastating loss led Mr. Reifler to found the Forefront Income Trust Initiative. This well-funded effort seeks to enable middle income people access to profitable investments with limited chances of loss.

Mr. Reifler has been a successful serial entrepreneur and hopes that Forefront will be the capstone of his storied career.