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How Jim Hunt Led VTA Publications To Success

Many people are aware of the accomplishments of business owner Jim Hunt. The entrepreneur has contributed to the success of several large corporations and has had experience with building companies and developing small businesses. Hunt’s latest business development strategies have all been focused on VTA publications, a company which he became the leader of less than two years ago. Since Jim Hunt has taken the executive position at VTA Publications, the company has seen a rapid increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. This change has led several media outlets to write business articles featuring VTA Publications. As a matter of fact, Jim Hunt has been featured in 3 major business articles within the last 3 months. These articles usually describe the steps that Hunt took to lead VTA Publications to become one of the top companies in the World. Recently, Hunt sat down with a leading United Kingdom magazine to discuss some of the practical decisions that he made regarding the leadership of VTA Publications that effectively led the company to become successful in the publishing industry.

The key focus of the piece that was published in the United Kingdom business magazine regarding the recent success of VTA Publications was the fact that Hunt implemented a large marketing plan for the small publisher. By developing and implementing a large marketing strategy, Hunt was able to successfully acquire funding and venture capital for the publishing company. Because of this, Hunt was able to purchase the rights to several unpublished works on behalf of the company, thereby enabling the company to stay afloat during the difficult process of rebranding the company. After the rebranding was complete, VTA Publications was relaunched as a slightly larger and much more successful publishing company. The new status of the company created by Jim Hunt attracted an entirely new status of clients. Through the acquisition of new authors who desired to have their works published through VTA Publications, Jim Hunt slowly rebuilt the publishing company one step at a time.

Protecting Your Reputation Through Content Creation

Many businesses realize they need SEO, they need content and they need a way to drive traffic to their webpages. Almost anyone with a modern business knows that this is essential to drive business and make sales. What is the pitfall for many businesses is that they make their content too boring and generic. Boring and generic content takes care of the “creating content” problem, but it doesn’t do the job of capturing and maintaining the customer’s attention.

There is a customer on the other end of the internet and they are people with personalities and interests, they do not want to waste their time reading something boring. One way to engage your customer and reach a social audience that will encourage likes and shares is to create original content that is interesting, captivating and serves an educational purpose.

There are several ways that this can be achieved. Creating blog posts that have real credible and educational information in them will assure customers that the people behind the web presence know what they are talking about. They are more likely to buy a product or service from someone who knows what they are talking about than a blog writer who seems unfocused and ambiguous.

Include graphics on the blog posts, links to other relevant information, social sharing methods, blogrolls, and links to product purchases. A wealth of information tells the potential customer the company is well connected, another green light for business.


How Does The US Money Reserve Help With Gold Coin Ownership?

The US Money Reserve is a gold coin distributor that is run by a former director of the US Mint in Philip Diehl. The company got a feature on EPNS Radio, and they were there to talk about what it would be like if people just decided to own gold coins instead of trying to invest in stocks or bonds. There are so many things that people will try to do to make money, but they are probably better off if they are owning gold coins.

There are a lot of people who are going to not invest at all because they do not like the stock market, but now they know that they can actually do all the things they want to do with gold coins. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

They can buy a lot of gold coins to all hold onto. There are some people who might think that they can just hold the coins for as long as they want, but there are other people who will get into the pretty vigorous buying and selling of the coins.

The coins can create instant profits, but it would be hard for some people to just sell the coins right after they got them. These people would rather own gold coins that they can collect, and then they can sell them long in the future when they are ready.

There are a lot of people who can actually do very well if they are going to collect the coins, and then they will just sell them in the future for one big paycheck. They can use that to retire, or they can hand the coins down to be sold in the future.

Every person who gets into coins from the US Money Reserve will find better designs, better options and more choices for collecting and trading.

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U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio
Buy Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

NexBank Sponsors Dallas Lemonade Stands for Youngsters


Youngsters in Greater Dallas recently learned the basics of business through operating lemonade stands. NexBank is sponsoring the event in Northern Texas which helps to instill a basic introduction of financial concepts, inspire entrepreneurism and hone leadership skills for youth in the area.
Leaders of the bank feel the program helped participants to realize what they are capable of as well as to develop skills of classic business operation through the lemonade stands. When children registered for the Lemonade Day they received access to lessons on opening and operating their stands.
NexBank operates in the space of commercial, mortgage and investment banking. NexBank Capital is a privately held financial services company that was founded in 1922. The company mission is to offer uncommon value at every opportunity. They pride themselves in offering clients unparalleled access to solutions that are custom designed.
The Dallas based NexBank announced the acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey in December of 2015. College Savings Bank is well known for specializing in 529 saving programs and will maintain its name and branding. The plan is to operate as a division of NexBank.
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Avi Weisfogel Proves How Much He Cares About Dental Care Worldwide

The people around the world who do not have access to dental care are not in a position to go find it because they live in disadvantaged areas. These people need to get assistance from someone, and they usually get it from Avi Weisfogel and Operation Smile. Avi Weisfogel has been raising money for the charity through his GoFundMe page, and he set up the page on his own to make sure that he could help make more people happy.

He has been taking these trips for a long time, and he has gotten to know the good people that he has met. He gets to know their families, and he will keep coming back with the funds that he has raised through GoFundMe. The GoFundMe page that Avi Weisfogel set up is a place where anyone who wants to give can give to the cause, and they will see information about the families that will be helped when Avi Weisfogel makes his trips. This is a very important part of global dental care, and it shows that Avi Weisfogel is just as committed to that as anyone else.

The goal of GoFundMe is to raise as much money as it can for everyone who needs it, and there are many who will give to help Operation Smile takes their trips. The beauty of this process is that everyone who wants to give can help change a life, and in some cases it will save a life. The human right of dental care will come to all those in need.

Everyone who sees the page shared online should remember that Avi Weisfogel is a brilliant dentist who has helped thousands have a better smile. He wants to make sure that these people know they have help coming, and he wants to learn about how their lives are going when he visits them. That is why Operation Smile is so nice, and it is the best charity in the world for offering dental services. Everyone who has encountered Avi Weisfogel has come away with a better smile, and now he is raising more money to help the cause.

Relmada Files Action Against Laidlaw & Company


PR Newswire recently reported on a legal action by Relmada Therapeutics against Laidlaw & Company and its two principal officers, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The complaint by Relmada alleges that Laidlaw divulged information about Relmada and its products designed to eliminate or reduce pain when used by p[atients. Laidlaw countered by claiming that they were brought in to help raise capital for Relmada and now Laidlaw should have a governing control of Relmada.
Relmada is a young company when compared to Laidlaw. Laidlaw traces their origins back 100 years. A glimpse of the 5-year chart of Relmada is frightening. Most skiers would lose control on the slippery slope of Relmada’s recent decline.
Relmada’s claim may be unworthy, but there is a great deal of contention between clients and brokerage firms. Laidlaw like all firms has had complaints but sometimes such complaints are not justified. The world of the novice stock broker is eerily similar to a used car salesman.
Management for both professions realizes that the novice brings family and friends as possible customers, and it is usual that sales can be made benefiting the novice salesperson. But this novice sales person does not know whether the car is a lemon or that the stock is a dud. In cases of customer disputes, it is usually the novice salesman who is criticized and pays the price for his well-meaning actions.
Unfortunately, investors expect too much from their brokers. Investors need to do a fair share of work on both selecting the brokerage firm and their possible choices for investment. The broker and the client, have a mandatory sit down meeting where the goals and the background of the client are discussed so that the broker may know of the client’s past trading experience and his financial status.
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Hair Magic In A Bottle

Most of us have seen the Youtube ads of WEN by Chaz Dean with gorgeous woman banging their hair about, and vowing the cleaning conditioner is essentially magic in a container? As a die-hard haircare fanatic, if the rumors were not false, I needed to see.

If you haven’t heard of the WEN cleaning conditioners, these goods are fundamentally an all in one shampoo, conditioner, and styling therapy. The brand features that these products can work nicely for almost any hair type determined by which formulation you try. As for me, I attained for the Fig variation, as it guaranteed to give my hair wetness, bounce, and shine.

While there have lately been some maybe not-so-excellent (but also fairly rare) reviews of unfavorable side effects from using this material, I was prepared to take the risk. As someone who adores beauty products, I’m not unaware there’s always a risk when testing products that are new out. With that stated, here’s how the Wen cleansing conditioner worked for my good, thin hair.

You can find on several versions to choose from, determined by the problems you’re working with. The fig formula is chosen by me and my hair was restored by it to well-being. This is one product because it helps maintain my hair from brittle or becoming too thin I have to use on a regular basis and helps decrease or even prevent break.

Wen by Chaz Dean’s desirable results are delivered by shown, natural ingredients without side effects. The merchandise are made out of natural ingredients and are free of chemical additives. With just a few straightforward measures, Wen by styling remedies and Chaz hair conditioners allow it to be effortless to prevent your hair losing and restore bounce and reflect with a treatment that is natural. These items are designed to offer you a youthful look with hair that was stunning.

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‘Sting’ on Soros Turn Out to be a Flop

Infamous activist for conservative causes and politics, James O’Keefe attempted recently to name and shame billionaire philanthropist George Soros as connected to a nefarious organization. But O’Keefe’s attempt at a surreptitious sting was undermined by leaving his phone on.

O’Keefe’s call to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations was recorded when he left a message with an unidentified receptionist. He’s identified himself “Victor Kesh” and successfully made contact, but the phone call continued. Oblivious to O’Keefe, the call continued because he failed to disconnect the call from his end.

Dana Geraghty was the one who had received the call from “Kesh” when he contacted the Open Society Foundation to provide support in any way for what the organization could do in fighting in defense of “European Values.” This si something he expressed after “Kesh” disclosed his fictitious nationality as Hungarian-American, clearly making a not-so subtle allusion to Soros’ Hungarian origins.

Geraghty was then reportedly asked for the contact information of someone more senior in the organization so “Kesh” could continue to build some kind of patronage with the organization before seemingly ending the call. However, O’Keefe can be heard continuing to speak on the other end of the call, speaking to others and telling them to remain quiet until he terminated the call. At this point, discussions continued on O’Keefe’s end for an approximate 10 minutes as he and his team continued to explore plans they had for the Open Society Foundations.

O’Keefe’s purported plans were to flood the organization with “a hundred phone calls like that” to subject them to some humiliation. And it seemed his ambitions lied with Gareghty, who O’Keefe looked up online while the phone call was still ongoing. He told his team members that she would be their point of infiltration in to the organization.

Though shocked that she was being targeted by O’Keefe and his team for some portion of his plan, Geraghty was quick to point out that they did not sound too competent or acquainted with the search engine they were using to try and locate her.
Full story on: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

The recording was passed up the chain to Chris Stone, Open Society Foundations’ President, who had nothing but ridicule for O’Keefe’s attempts to shame the organization. In an interview with The New Yorker, Stone was bemused at O’Keefe’s incompetence and inability to even handle the complexities of a basic web browser. However, he stressed the importance of the organization and how organizations trying to undermine the importance of advocating for human rights has real-world consequences.

George Soros fled his native Hungary in 1947 during Soviet occupation. Eventually, Soros made a home for himself in the United States. Working through several firms, and i time opening and managing his own office, Soros prospered in investing and eventually became one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Aside from his professional career, George Soros has become equally famous for his philanthropy. Through the Open Society Foundations, Soros has fought for human rights and government transparency in over 100 countries since 1979.

The President Of U.S. Money Reserve, Phillip Diehl, Plans Of Enhancing The Company’s Success In The Market

In a recent interview with Eric Dye, Philip Diehl posited that he had turned the U.S. Mint from a backward agency into a real entrepreneurial entity. Phillip added that the company had made a six-year commitment towards enhancing customer satisfaction. Eric works for the Enterprise radio, which his owned by Entrepreneurial Podcast Network. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

Enterprise radio is regarded as a strong platform for helping entrepreneurs, top executives and small and medium business owners share their experiences, products, strategies, services and creations. During the New Year, Phillip has appeared in many interviews. He has been vocal about U.S. Money Reserve’s customer care services, his leadership backgrounds and gold market’s future trajectories.

In history, Phillip is regarded as one of the most successful U.S. Mint Directors. During his tenure at the Mint, he is credited for the 50 States quarter program and minting of the platinum coin, which was the first to be minted by the U.S. government. Since his appointment as the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Phillip has implemented similar entrepreneurial principles, as those he used at the U.S. Mint, towards enhancing customer satisfaction. Phillip has galvanized U.S. Money Reserve’s position as the largest distributor of government issued coins, metal bullion and bars.

In the recent past, the U.S. Money Reserve began an innovative IRA program. This program focuses on ensuring that customers can use gold as a wealth protection measure for retirement and still benefit from any increases in the prices of gold. Customers should not fear to choose U.S. minted gold, platinum coins and silver, as they are legal tenders recognized by the U.S. government.

By holding the U.S. minted gold coins, consumers are guaranteed of their purity, weight and gold content. In addition, the gold prices are expected to rise given the market volatility. Learn more about US Money Reserve:  and

About U.S. Money Reserve

Gold market veterans founded the U.S. Money Reserve. These veterans recognized the need to enhance superior customer services, excellent market knowledge and trust in purchase of precious metals. The U.S. Money Reserve works with many clients. These clients have taken advantage of the variety of financial benefits that one accrues by virtue of owning precious metals.

Today, most of the company’s customers are in the profit positions because of their wise purchases. The clients trusts the U.S. Money Reserve to aid them choose coins that would afford them the highest values. This information was originally published on Manta as posited in the link below

Workville NYC Provides Shared Office Space for Employees

How to invest in coworking spaces

The “shared economy” continues to evolve. As a result, a number of companies, regardless of size, are cutting daily operation expenses by testing out co-working spaces in a number of urban markets.

In previous years, co-working companies focused on startup businesses and freelancers. The 2015/2016 Americas Occupier Survey for CBRE Group shows that of the 226 real estate organizations in the Americas, more than 40 percent of these businesses are using shared workspaces.

Howard Tullman, the CEO of Chicago-based nonprofit startup 1871, confirms that the company houses about 500 companies. 1871 is in an office space that is about 150,000 square feet. A number of Fortune 500 corporations are stuck in between office parks and suburbs according to Tullman. He also shares that is can take large companies a few years to establish a location in the midtown or downtown areas of their cities, which can be challenging.

Tullman shares that these companies are more likely to visit WeWork in order to rent a block of space. These companies are freelance or startup companies. These corporations have to find spaces that are between 10 and 20,000 square feet who want to rent office areas for a year or two before making a commitment.

Workville NYC is another one of the shared office spaces that business owners may want to consider. The company is located in New York at 1412 Broadway and is on the 21st floor of the building.

Workville is designed to look and feel like a 5-star hotel, and there are several well-lit and airy spaces for professionals to choose from. There are even office spaces with terrace access and views of the New York skyline and sunset. Workville has lounge spaces, as well as dedicated and open desks. Professionals can take advantage of the common area, which can also be used as a waiting area, and can utilize the cafe area as well to enjoy meals and conduct small meetings.

Workville is even located near a number of NYC attractions like Bryant Park, Times Square, ZipCar and businesses such as inDinero Accounting Services and AlleyBoost.

These are just some of the businesses that are making office space rental easier for business owners, since this trend will likely be around for years to come.