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Meet Tony Petrello; the CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is one of the most successful people who have come from a humble family. Tony, the CEO of Nabors Industries has come from far, and he has made it through hard work and determination in life. He is an honest American, and on 2014 he was the most paid CEO in America. Tony believes in fairness, and he has been giving back to the society to assist the needy.

Tony was born and grew up in Newark, and he attended public schools as his parents were not that wealthy. Tony became famous in his home town as a result of having great mathematics abilities. Due to such skills, Tony received a scholarship from Yale University, and he was mentored by Professor Serge. He attained his bachelors and master’s degrees at Yale University, and he gained a lot of skill and knowledge from the institution.

After graduating from Yale University, Tony decided to enroll in Harvard Law School where he got a law degree. In 1979, Tony Joined Baker & McKenzie law firm where he worked until he met Nabors Industries, one of his clients. Nabors Industries were impressed by Tony’s services and efforts, and they decided to hire him as an executive business officer.

Nabors Industries is one of the largest oil and natural gas drilling which has dominated the drilling industry in America. Tony worked for nearly 30 years so that he can be the CEO of the firm. He worked hard to ensure the company was making maximum profit and he offered great leadership skills in his areas of supervision. In 2014, Tony was named the highest paid CEO, and this was as a result of his efforts and good work at Nabors Industries. He has helped the company grow through his long-term strategic plans and visions.

Anthony Petrello is married to Cynthia, who was his university girlfriend and they had a daughter in 1990 who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Carena, Tony’s daughter, could not eat anything solid until she was seven years and this made Tony offer help to children with neurological problems. He has been in the forefront in donating funds to hospitals and charity organizations. Tony also joined Texas Children’s Hospital board of trustees to enhance proper spending of the funds so that it can benefit the society.

It is evident that Tony Petrello achieved many things through hard work and intelligence. With good ethics at work and determination, Tony climbed up the ladder at Nabors Industries until he became the CEO of the big firm.

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New Investment Avenues with Netpicks

While technology has become part of our lives in almost all the spheres of life, in business, technological advancement has not been fully exploited. This can be attributed to the high risks involved in a virtual engagement where money and trust are not always used in the same sentence. In this regard, the opportunities thereof have not been fully exploited. Netpicks is one of the companies that have ripped a great reward in online trading and the company is trying to open the platform for many investors since the market can accommodate so many people. This is why Netpicks has been on the forefront trying to train investors on the new money making opportunities that the entire world has turned a blind eye on.  For helpful tips, click on this.

Netpicks is one of the major companies in the online trading business and according to the company’s training team there are so many ways for investors to make money online. Some of the very common but unexploited ways include trading in forex, stocks, options, and EFTs. To understand how to make money in these simple and low risk methods, the company has video tutorials posted on its YouTube channels as well as on its website where this information can be easily accessed. Founded in 1996, the company is based in Irving, Texas, where a host of credible trainers are located and their job is to inform and train investors on the practice they have learned for more than a decade.  More to learn from reading this article on

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Training is quite comprehensive and it involves a follow up by the company’s representatives. Unlike many other companies in the industry that will train and leave you with the burden of finding out how things work on your own, Netpicks will guide you through the process and even in the actual investment process. The trainers are seasoned with a tested wealth of experience in the same trade and indeed the company is constituted by online traders in real life. Worried that your busy schedule may come in the way? Netpicks has it all in plan to offer you very flexible strategies that can fit into your schedule no matter how tight it may be.  Related article on

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NetPicks Helps People To Invest Smartly

NetPicks was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman. It provides trading education to those who are regular traders. It is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

The qualified staff at NetPicks provides the best trading experience to its clients. There is a range of services provided by this trading company. These include forex, stocks, as well as ETFs, Futures, besides Options. It provides tips on online trading. There are tutorials available for all their services. It has several videos that can be watched on the Youtube channel.

In this way, NetPicks is trying to educate people so that they can trade smarter in a shorter time. It provides three kinds of options in trading systems. People can choose what suits them best. It can be as a full-time career, or for getting part-time income or something that can be done within minutes.

NetPicks has simplified the entire process in such a way that people can simply select their goal, and the system will do the rest for them. This is a company that focuses on sustainable development of its clients. It knows that environmental degradation has to be reduced while advancing in technology. This is a company that is trying to strike a balance between them.  Learn more from them here.

NetPicks realizes that the current situation requires that the people must invest wisely while focusing on sustainable development. Hence there must be a wise investment that is socially responsible. This is why the company makes efforts to educate traders to invest in a manner that is socially responsible and sustainable.

ETFs refer to Exchange Traded Funds. These are just like mutual bonds. The process of trading these is different as they are managed passively. On the other hand, mutual bonds are managed actively.  Helpful info available on this related link.

A number of strategies have been identified for investing keeping the goal of sustainable development in mind. There are certain groups that are vital as they can maximize social value along with financial returns. Once these groups are understood well, it will lead to one of the best investment decision that has ever been made and utilized. In this way, NetPicks is doing its bit for the planet.  For the company details and timeline activities, hit on

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Rodrigo Terpins Shows His Skills In Motorsports

The Brazilian Terpins family have become well known for their business success with the patriarch of the family, Jack Terpins heading up the World Jewish Congress and showing his skills as an entrepreneur. Jack Terpins had another career earlier in his life as a successful basketball player who continued his love affair with the sport into his 70s. The latest generation of the Terpins family is continuing the business and sporting links the family has become known for, particularly in the case of Rodrigo Terpins who is making his way as a success in the motorsports sector.

A respected entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins has recently switched his focus to developing his off-road car racing career by taking part in Brazil’s largest rally. Competing in Brazil’s largest rally in the number 326 car, Terpins partnered with Fabricio Bianchini to lead his team to an overall finish of eighth. The overall finish of eighth was an impressive achievement for the fledgling driver, but Rodrigo also competed in a category for his car of the prototype T1 sector which is one of the most competitive in the rally; Terpins and Bianchini continued their success in their car category by finishing in a podium position that would lead to them becoming one of the most successful entrants in the 38 car field.

As with most sports, the team aspect of motorsports is not lost on Rodrigo Terpins as he has become a major supporter of the crew who made it possible for his car to reach the prototype T1 category. Terpins made clear his happiness with the team he has assembled and explained the large amount of equipment his team have assembled to provide support throughout the race made all the difference in their impressive results; Rodrigo Terpins explained he believed the performance of his team had, in his view, been perfect as the more than 2,000 miles long race had continued. Follow Rodrigo Terpins on Facebook

Rick Smith: Transforming the World of Communication

Securus Technologies is one of the largest telecommunications and technology corporations in the United States. The company focuses on providing correctional facilities with access to communication and other technological product that would enhance the security inside. The current chief executive officer of the company is Rick Smith, and his skills in leadership have taken the company into a whole new level. Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008, and through his hard work, he got promoted into his present position. The board of directors at Securus Technologies has seen a potential in him, and they unanimously chose him to be the next one to lead the company. Securus Technologies is known for their advanced communication products and computer software, and they have been partnering with several correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. Rick Smith has been a key figure in expanding the business overseas, and he is looking forward to see Securus Technologies being used all throughout the world. Rick Smith is also particular with the company’s patents and inventions.

It was reported that almost $600 million has been spent just to protect them. He has also transformed how Securus Technologies is doing their business. Presently, the company is offering four major solutions in order to maintain peace and security throughout the country. They have products which focus on public safety relations, investigative solutions, corrections solutions, and monitoring solutions.Public safety solutions include Securus XCAD, a computer software which quickly delivers the information needed for emergency calls; Securus XMOBILE, a mobile application which provides safety professionals with information on the go; and Securus XRMS, another mobile application which offers huge data storage and has the ability to retrieve critical information. Investigative Solutions include SECURUS THREADS, which provides investigators with information and data that was collected throughout the country.

It helps the investigators track someone using the software, or identify some information that would be helpful in investigations. Securus Technologies also have a handful of products for Corrections Solutions and Monitoring Solutions, which would provide communication options to inmates and at the same time, tightening the security inside the correctional facilities.Rick Smith has been actively participating on how to improve the products that are being released by Securus Technologies. He wanted to make sure that the products that they are releasing to the market would become helpful to the inmates and to the authorities. Their video calling technology has been considered to be one of the best in the market, and a lot of correctional facilities have already installed a video calling device inside the prison cells to be used by the inmates when calling their loved ones outside. Rick Smith promises that Securus Technologies would continue to deliver excellence in the field of technological development.

Netpicks Urges People to Look at Every Opportunity

Many people who try to make money tend to look before they leap. Among the common reasons is that they are very desperate for extra money because of their financial circumstances. Another reason that they have to look at is that they do not know the market at all. It is very important to get education on all of the different markets of interest. This is one of the reasons that Netpicks has been set up. The information that it has on the different markets available are worth looking into for everyone that is interested in trading assets.

Netpicks as a website has tons of different sources of income that people can look at. As a matter of fact, the best thing to do is be at least be aware of the different markets that are available so that if one does not seem to be working for them, they can look into other opportunities. This also makes it less likely for them to go through discouragement. This also puts less pressure on them to make sure it works. When people are a little more relaxed about what they are doing to earn money, they tend to have a better chance at succeeding in the market of their choice.  For additional details, click on

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Netpicks has advice for people who are working with different methods of trading. There are people who are trading with a full time career in mind. Then there are those who are day traders. Then there are the traders that want to be done in minutes.  Get connected, hop over to

Netpicks has suggestions for people of all types. It talks about all of the different markets and what type of trading methods is best for it. At the same time, people are encouraged to find something that works well for them when it comes to trading.  Read important views from the experts here

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Helps People With Cancer

People who have cancer are able to benefit from the things that Mikhail Blagosklonny can provide. As an oncologist, he knows a lot about cancer and he knows the right way to treat cancer so that he can help people out. For him to do different things, he has to make sure that he is providing people with all of the cancer treatment options that they need and he tries his best to show them what they are able to get out of the situations that they are in.When Mikhail Blagosklonny was studying cancer, he found that there was not a peer review publication aimed specifically at helping people who had cancer. He wanted to ensure that people could get the help that they needed and he also knew that providing them with these cancer treatment options would be exactly what could make a difference for patients. Mikhail Blagosklonny was committed to cancer treatment and also knew that he could do different things to help people out. He invited other oncologists to learn more about Oncotarget to join with him so that they could all bring more attention to the industry and to the issues that people had while they were dealing with cancer.

Immune problems are among the biggest problems that people have while they are undergoing treatment for cancer. The same drugs that kill cancer also kill the healthy cells that make up the immune system. Mikhail Blagosklonny has had to work hard to ensure that patients are not dying from bad immune systems and from the problems that come from these immune systems. Through Oncotarget, though, Mikhail Blagosklonny found out about an anti-aging drug that could rejuvenate immunity. This was what allowed him the chance to help more patients with their immune systems and with remaining healthy while undergoing treatment.Not only does Mikhail Blagosklonny want to help other oncologists learn more about cancer and cancer treatment but he also wants to help people learn about it.

He is going to continue teaching other people about the things that happen from cancer. He wants people to learn more about the process of their body and about how cancer can affect that. By teaching them the things that they need to know about cancer, he is going to give them the best chance possible at beating it and making their own lives better if they have someone who they love who has it.As with everything in cancer treatment, the way that a person heals can be different depending on the things that they are going through. Mikhail Blagosklonny wants to help patients no matter what issues they have. He wants to show them that their cancer treatment options can get better and that they will have a chance to survive. Along with these opportunities, Mikhail Blagosklonny is going to continue providing treatment and new innovations so that he can help people out with the type of cancer that they have and the help that they need for that cancer.

InnovaCare Health Services and its Exceptional Management

InnovaCare is an organization based in Puerto Rico that provides health care related services. InnovaCare Health program constitutes over 190,000 individual members who are served by more than 7,500 providers. InnovaCare Health plans render a quality healthcare that constitutes a well-coordinated, sustainable model, cost efficient, and technologically advanced. The health plan is operated and managed in three main health plans, the PMC Medicare, MMM Healthcare and LLC (MMM). Also, together with the government of Puerto Rico, InnovaCare manages two Medicaid plans that offer broad benefit health coverage to the citizens.

Daniel E. Straus, InnovaCare Health chairman

Daniel E. Straus is an avid entrepreneur with an interest in real estate and health care in the USA. Mr. Straus studied law degree from the New York University. He was previously a principal stockbroker and president of the Multicare Companies. Mr. Straus is the chairman and owner of InnovaCare Health Inc. Also, he sits on the board of directors of InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health C.E.O Dr. Rick Shinto

Dr. Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto was appointed the C.E.O of InnovaCare Health in the year 2012. He has steered the organization in providing quality health care that is fully integrated with current technology. His ability and leadership style has enabled InnovaCare to successfully navigate in the modern healthcare.Dr. Rick Shinto holds medical Degree from the State University of New York and an M.B.A from the University of Redlands. He started his career in Southern California as an internist and pulmonologist. From 2008 to 2012 he served as the CEO and President of Aveta Inc., North American Medical Management (NAMM). It is at Aveta that he received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst & Young.

InnovaCare Health Chief Administrative Officer

Penelope Kokkinides is the current chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health. Prior to her appointment in 2016, Penelope worked with Centerlight HealthCare as the chief operating officer and executive vice president. At Centerlight, she steered the organization into rendering strategic planning and inclusive management for the managed care division.Also, earlier Penelope worked at Touchstone Health as chief operating officer and at AmeriChoice as the corporate vice president in the department of care and disease management. At AmeriChoice, a member of UnitedHealth Group, she was heavily involved in the developing and enforcing the company’s health care model. Therefore, Penelope Kokkinides has a vast experience in the field of health care both in public programs as well as in private care industry.

Who is Greg Secker and What Are His Accomplishments

Greg Secker is a man who juggles many hats. Aside from being a father, he is a philanthropist, international public speaker, and financial trading expert. He has been doing all of these since he left his job at Thomas Cook, who was actually his first employer. At Thomas Cook, he was placed in charge of developing the first ever online trading platform, the Virtual Trading Desk. In order to do so, he had to work with trading experts. Besides, you cannot afford to have any discrepancies in this kind of platform. So, along the way, he had to pick up some lessons.

The Virtual Trading Desk was such a success that soon companies like Mellon Financial Corporation. It was during his tenure at the Mellon Financial Corporation that his desire to have his own trading platform was sparked. He remembers seating the whole day in front of huge screens and feeling that his time was underutilized. At this time, his job had already enabled him to build contacts with master traders and he himself was almost perfect at it.

Therefore, he took the risk and decided to begin his own platform in his apartment. So, he would work at Mellon and when he was not working there, he was making his platform. He stayed with Mellon until his platform had made enough money to allow him quit. With time, it was such a huge success that he was able to form Knowledge to Action Group, which is an umbrella of a group of companies that aim to teach people about the tricks of trading.

With his companies, Greg Secker is able to make it easy for people who are first getting into the trading scene. He hopes that with the education, he will be teaching people how to fish instead of giving them fish. In this way, he is making business as well as giving back to the society. His education programs also have the purpose of helping other entrepreneurs be successful in the trading industry.

Netpick the Ultimate Trade Adviser

With the growing ecommerce platforms, investors are now looking for options online that can help them make money fast and easy. The truth is these platforms are available but their existence and the information on how they work is the challenge. This is why Netpick, an online advisory company came up with a platform to help investors with the many grueling questions that they have about such emerging platforms. Netpick offers its services online on its website and its YouTube channel where every interested party can easily access very valuable information on various trading tips. This include forex trade, the stock exchange, EFT’s as well as Options among other online trading opportunities.

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The company has devoted its energy on training and informing anybody who has the interest in online trading. Through its online platforms, Netpick has availed learning materials including YouTube videos for investors to watch and learn how some of these seemingly complex businesses are carried out. Investing demands an understanding of the market in which you intend to put your money in. Netpick understand that while many investors would want to invest in such lucrative businesses like the stock and forex trade, very limited information is out there to help them get a grasp of the business. This is why the company came up with the initiative to educate investors and empower them with the knowledge to help them make informed investment decisions.  For additional information, check

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The company has a base of highly professional staff members who contribute greatly to the success of the company’s objectives. Netpick is best placed in training on trade due to its 25 years of experience in trading on various platforms. In the training process, the company boasts of a 17 years training experience which puts it a head of many other competing platforms in the business. The advantage of training with Netpick is the fact that having been in the industry for long, the company understands the highs and lows of trading hence putting it in a better position to advice on the Do’s and don’ts. In addition, the company’s learning packages are designed in a simple way to help you understand the process in the shortest time possible.  Connect with NetPicks now, hop over to

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