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NetPicks a Prerequisite of Forex Trading

When would-be traders first become familiar with the power of trading forex, they think of it as a way to get rich quickly. Many soon learn that nothing could be further from the truth. The $5.3 trillion forex market at first glance seems like the ideal market to trade. It is a 24 hour financial market with plenty of liquidity. In the parlance of finance, the forex market is what is known as “efficient” because of those attributes. Furthermore, unlike the stock market’s thousands of different listed shares, the forex market consists of only a few dozen currency pairs. Check for additional info.

During the 1990’s when the internet began connecting the world, one of the most significant innovations ever to come about was the development of the electronic trading platform. It was the development which revolutionized trading in financial markets. Now anyone can trade. This open access to the forex market has created limitless opportunities for those willing to take the time to appreciate the art and psychology of trading.

Video-Based Program

Mark Soberman, an expert forex trader, seeing the need to prepare the public for the opportunities opening up in online trading began NetPicks in 1996. Based in Irving, Texas, the company specializes in trader education. Its program is video-based and composed in an easy to follow format.  Most students can absorb the information in a matter of days not weeks.

NetPicks advises traders, who might otherwise rush into the market, to proceed with necessary caution instead. The program does not only teach traders to trade; it shows them what to avoid as well, which is just as important. Even experienced traders can get something out of NetPicks. The NetPicks video course can serve as an indebt review of trading topics which would benefit many seasoned forex traders as well. For more tutorials, check this.

The NetPicks team has over 25 years coaching the best out of traders, instilling in them confidence born of knowledge. By the time a trader has completed the course, he or she will be familiar with both the macroeconomic and technical aspects of trading forex. The course can help traders who are interested in trading as a profession or just as a means of earning extra income.  Read reviews on

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National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz Give Back to the Town of Hamilton

National Steel Car is a manufacturer of steel railroad freight cars, yet, to the people of Hamilton, Ontario, it is much more. The company has a well-earned reputation as being one that not only treats its employees wonderfully, but that treats the entire town of Hamilton with support and kindness. National Steel Car is one of the biggest benefactors for the town of Hamilton and has been for nearly one hundred years.

First and foremost, National Steel Car hosts a massive holiday party every Christmas. The company hosts the elaborate holiday party and invites every employee that has ever worked for the company to join them for an evening of holiday joy. The company also invites the employees to bring their entire family out to the event. The National Steel Car Christmas Party has become such a large event – due to the amount of people in Hamilton who work there – that it has become almost like a massive town gathering.

National Steel Car also supports the community by hosting a food drive that all of its employees participate in. Employees bring in canned and boxed goods to support local food banks. Because National Steel Car has so many employees, many of the food banks have stated that the donation that comes from the company is the largest that they will receive all year. In addition, National Steel Car supports many local institutions. Among the many institutions that the company supports are United Way, the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army and a local theatre called Theatre Aquarius.

This philosophy of supporting the community comes directly from the top. Gregory James. Aziz is a big believer in philanthropy and his message has been passed down and become part of the company culture. In fact, Gregory James Aziz and his wife are longtime supporters of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This event is Canada’s most established agricultural events and is attended by thousands.


Greg Aziz came to National Steel Car in 1994 and since then has done major things to push the company forward and to make it one of the top producers of steel railway freight cars in all over the world. In his first few years he grew the company’s manufacturing from around 3,500 to over 12,000 freight rail cars produced each year. He also more than tripled the company’s employee base, which led to massive growth for National Steel Car. See This Page for more information.



How Did Mike Baur Get To Where He Is In Business Incubating?

Mike Baur has come to realize the economic wave of change has come to Switzerland, and that wave is going to be through empowering new entrepreneurs to build their businesses. With the founding of disruptive businesses like Uber, Saildrone, Aerofarms and ClassDojo, it’s becoming apparent that the future is now for every country in the world, including Switzerland which is now in the process of diversifying out of banking. At Mike Baur’s company the Swiss Startup Factory, he and a network of investors basically take soon-to-be entrepreneurs and their business plans through a testing period, and if they can pass it they will become operational.


Mike Baur didn’t begin in the university job fairs or offices of the SSUF, but instead was a part of the old guard of Swiss banking for many years. he started out as an intern at UBS Bank and it became apparent from early on that he had a high investment acumen. Even while still in his 20s, the bank’s affluent investors remarked about how well Baur managed their portfolios. Baur might have kept at his post at UBS until retirement, but a lot of changes came in 2008 when the US housing crisis spilled over into Europe. As loans and credit started to decline, UBS had to start closing offices and that included Mike Baur’s branch office, so he left for Clariden Leu Bank. He remained at Clariden Leu for about six years, but once again he quit banking because he found the industry to be no longer appealing, and he felt the stiffening of government regulations was preventing him from helping clients effectively and failed to allow banking to adapt to the changing environment.


Mike Baur got the idea for the SSUF from visiting the University of Zurich and other institutions where he saw business ideas at work. His friends Max Meister and Oliver Walzer joined in his vision for turning these new ideas into fully operational companies, but they knew they were going to have to get the proper backing from financial leaders with deep pockets. After reviewing how the SSUF program would work, Goldback Group and CTI joined in, and by late 2014 the SSUF was up and running. Mike Baur also founded Think Reloaded and sometimes hosts startup pitch competitions designed to get entrepreneurs to think outside the box. He also brought an office space program to the SSUF to provide more resources to SSUF graduates.


Gregory Aziz Continues His Reign

National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., is one of the oldest and most important companies in North America. It has played a key role in the modernization of our economies and it has allowed for a level of wealth to be introduced through both America and Canada. With such an amazing legacy it’s no wonder that Gregory Aziz is being compared to some of the greatest out there. He’s living up to incredible expectations in terms of what he is expected to do as part of his work at National Steel Car. The freight car company has much to do in the future in addition to what it has already created.

James Aziz got his start with his own company working in a field very different from the freight car industry, but he was so successful that his abilities naturally translated into the world of National Steel Car. Greg Aziz has spent years managing and he understands what it takes to have a company reach the top. Thanks to his efforts we are now much closer to realizing what can be done in our industry and how freight cars can play a key role in how things are going to unfold in the future. View More Information Here.

Greg James Aziz has already cemented his legacy and his ability to work in some of the most difficult areas, but he has so much more he wants to do. He wants to make sure that the company is still able to keep its position and what it has achieved. He knows that there’s so much more than what it was and guide it towards a new stronger position. We can already look at the success of National Steel Car and realize that he has already done quite a bit towards achieving his goal and giving the company what it needs.


The ability to run a company with the amount of success and importance of National Steel Car is not an easy one to achieve. It took quite a bit of time and effort for him to reach where he is, and he isn’t showing any signs of stopping. The success of National Steel Car is going to be very important in the future of the North American economy. We will be much more connected, and we will have a need to transport things better than we do now. That’s exactly what Aziz understands and wants to do much better.

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Trading strategies with Market Watch and Netpicks

Today, uneven market environments are not new especially during the summer. While some investors thought the market is unstoppable, the reality has hit a top notch and the idea has changed.

You should learn how to exploit such opportunities using various strategies. The lock and Walk is considered among the proactive strategies. It has been in existence since January 2002 and numerous traders have gained profits by implementing it.   Read this relevant article about forex trading, check

It follows the levels of support and resistance in Nasdaq 100 NDX,-0.70%. proShares UltarShort QQQ QID,+1.13% can then be traded. Also, trade ProShares QQQ QLD,-1.27% when levels of resistance and support are tested.

Here are some rules you need to put in mind for successful trading. When QLD tests the support, focus on the resistance to sell. Sell QLD when the support breaks. In addition, target the support to sell when the resistance is tested by QID and when it breaks, sell QID.

Netpicks trading strategies have also made history in this field. The company was founded in 1996 after online and day trading was launched. It has been at the frontline in offering education on trading by providing systems, signals, futures, stocks etc in both day and swing trading.

Its headquarters are located in Irving, Texas. The trading professional that work with Netpicks are there to guide you through as you begin trading. Netpicks systems give you a chance to trade as a full-time career, part-0time income and even trading in minutes. Make your choice and let their systems do the rest.

Some of the basic trading strategies offered by Netpicks include understanding the pattern failures in the market. you should learn the right places to make trading entries. remember that you have goals for trading, this will help you implement the right plans for you to achieve them.  Trading tips here.

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In addition, cryptocurrency trading has become popular. This has been observed by a rise in Bitcoin so it can be a goldmine for traders. You should also take breaks from the screen. Spending too much time does not mean you will make more money. It is all about discipline and with Netpicks trading strategies; you will live your dream as a successful trader.  For an overview of their recent news and activities, check on this.

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Netpicks and Market Watch Lead the Way in Investment Education

Thomas Kee’s article titled “Opinion: Use this simple strategy to profit from choppy summer trading” discusses the Lock and Walk trading strategy. According to the article, Wall Street investors believed that investments in the technology sector would always lead to positive returns, before the selloff event in the sector occurred. Thomas Kee believes that such events have the ability to create an environment that allows the flourishing of the lock and wall strategy. Kee mentions proactive strategy as the best way to benefit from the Choppy period in the market environment. The author proceeds to provide detailed analysis on how the strategy works to give the investors a better picture of how the strategy works. Such insightful articles in the in the MarketWatch makes it one of the most valued platforms for investment ideas.

About Netpicks

The company was established in 1992 with the dawn of the day trading and online trading. Netpicks has remained one of the goldmines for trading education. Some of the areas where Netpicks has continued to provide valuable trading information include ETFs, Options, stocks, futures, forex, signals, and systems. The company focuses on the helping traders to maximize their profit in and be successful in the market.  Additional trading tips here

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Netpicks has its headquarters in Irving, Texas where the staff under the capable leadership of Mark Soberman provide valuable trade experience to many investors and traders. With over 25 years’ experience in trading activities, the company boasts of the having real-life traders who are willing and ready to help traders reach their trading objectives. The company also has over 17 years’ experience in providing trading education to various clientele.

For their recent news and activities, check on this.

Many traders prefer dealing with the Netpicks because it deals with real people who take trades every day in real time unlike other companies with automated systems. The company also provides easy means of studying to enable people willing to learn trading do so within the shortest time possible. The company is always ready to respond to the queries made by various traders and learners in real-time. The company’s effective systems have continued to contribute to its success as many traders find the systems easy to understand and are highly effective.

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Bradesco is Poised to Appoint its Fifth President after Luiz Carlos Trabuco was Appointed Board Chairman

     Recent developments at Brazilian lender, Bradesco have made Luiz Carlos Trabuco the most important person at the bank. The bank’s longtime chairman, Lazaro Brandao in early October 2017 announced that he would be vacating the high-stakes position to spend some more time with his family. Naturally, the Bradesco board appointed the next most experienced individual to take over from Brandao. This individual happened to be Luiz Carlos Trabuco who serves as the bank’s president. Given his strong track record as president, many are hopeful that he will be a brilliant chairman of the board.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed the president of Bradesco in March 2009. He was undoubtedly the most qualified candidate at the time largely due to his highly successful time at the helm of Bradesco Seguros. His immediate priority was to continue with the ambitious growth plan that had been initiated by his predecessor, Marcio Cypriano despite an economic downturn in Brazil. He, however, quickly implemented an organic expansion strategy while waiting to identify a viable takeover opportunity. His tenure would again be disrupted by a difficult economic climate, but the ever-resilient and innovative Luiz Carlos Trabuco would identify a shrewd strategy to maintain the bank’s profitability.

If there is one single conquest that could define Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s tenure as Bradesco is that between the bank and its biggest competitor, Itau Unibanco. For decades, Bradesco was undoubtedly the largest private bank in Brazil. This position was considered a source of great pride for the bank’s employees, shareholders, and customers. However, the bank lost the coveted position in 2008 when a merger created Itau Unibanco. Before the merger, Unibanco and Banco Itau had simply been mid-tier banks, but their union created a financial conglomerate of considerable size. Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the reins at Bradesco only a few months after Itau Unibanco had wrestled the top position away from the bank, he felt obligated to restore Bradesco’s pride.

For years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco employed a slow organic growth strategy before the perfect acquisition opportunity presented itself to gain significant ground on Itau Unibanco. That opportunity came in the way of HSBC Brazil. With the permission of Lazaro Brandao, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi engineered the purchase of HSBC Brazil for a total of more than $5 billion. While the total cost of the acquisition was substantial, it did have great benefits for Bradesco’s drive towards becoming the largest private lender in the industry. By adding HSBC Brazil’s business to its own, Bradesco overtook Itau Unibanco in some areas including the branch network and the total number of accounts held. The bank also inherited a large number of high-value clients from HSBC Brazil. Hopefully, with Luiz Carlos Trabuco providing guidance as chairman, Bradesco will finally overtake Itau Unibanco in asset value and truly become the leader in its market segment.

Over the course of his decades-long stay at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been the recipient of a number of highly coveted industry awards. He was twice feted by industry observers while he led Bradesco Seguros by being named the insurance personality of the year in Brazil for 2003 and 2007. Later as the president of Bradesco, his involvement in the HSBC Brazil acquisition got him named the entrepreneur of the year in the finance category by money magazine. A year later, his name was included in Forbes magazine’s list of top 100 chief executive officers in Brazil. True to his humble nature, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has not led any of these accolades get to his head, and he has always dedicated them to his staff at Bradesco.

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NetPicks among those in support of choppy summer trading

Just the other day an opinion piece was published disclosing strategies traders can apply in an effort to make money following the change of attitude in Wall Street. Weeks ago, many considered the attitude on Wall Street to be somewhat arrogant considering that some investors considered the technology sector to be unstoppable. But the recent technology sector selloff has made many of those investors nervous like never seen in recent times.

This change of attitude creates a huge opportunity for investors who can have the courage to go against the grain and apply the proactive “Lock and Walk” strategy in the choppy market while the summer window is still open. The “Lock and Walk” strategy is highly recommended since it has been very effective before particularly in choppy market environments.  Click on to read an article on socially responsible investment.

The proactive “Lock & Walk” strategy basically entails buying near support and selling near resistance. You only stop out if support breaks.

What is NetPicks Trading Strategies?

NetPicks was founded way back in 1996 and has built a reputation as the go-to source when one is in need of authoritative and competent trading education. From the time when online trading and day trading was introduced, NetPicks has been by the side of traders from all walks of life as a lifelong partner helping them get to the bottom of a variety of subjects such as stocks, forex, options, futures, and ETFs on both ends of trading namely day trading and swing trading. NetPicks Trading Strategies does all this in a deliberate and conscious effort of helping ordinary traders from all sorts of backgrounds be successful in an ever competitive market.  For their tutorial blogs, access and read them here.

With more than two and half decades of hands-on experience in trading and over 17 years’ worth of experience in trading education NetPicks has crafted a competent team of trained, skilled and experienced professionals led by Mr. Mark Soberman who have spent most of their adult lives as actual traders. To keep up-to-date with their recent timeline activities, check on this.

This is one of the several reasons which gives them the passion, drive, and oomph to be so dedicated to their jobs of helping you achieve your trading goals without breaking a sweat.

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NetPicks: Helping You “Trade Smarter, Not Longer”

There was a stillness in Wall Street following the technology selloff. It was not a full-blown panic, but there was a reason to be nervous. The selloff would potentially cause irregularity within the market. However, this is not necessarily something to be dreaded because there are ways to profit from a dodgy market.  For guidance to forex trading, check

Thomas H. Kee Jr. refers to one such system as the ‘Lock and Walk.’ It is a short-term fix to get through dodgy markets. The ‘Lock and Walk’ is specifically designed for the support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq NDX, +0.10%. It is meant to trade the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, -0.08% and ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, +0.20% if support and resistance levels are tested or broken. Here is the four ‘Lock and Walk’ tips:

  • If QLD tests support, consider selling target resistance.
  • Sell QLD if support breaks.
  • If QID tests resistance, consider selling target support.
  • Sell QID if resistance breaks.

Ultimately, buy close to support and sell close to resistance. It may also be useful to protect stocks by placing a stop-loss order or a limit order. In these cases, there is control over loss and gain if there is a break.  Read this article on options trading, browse on this link.

If there is still uncertainty looming, NetPicks may be a better option. Mark Soberman founded NetPicks in 1996. Based in Irving, Texas, NetPicks has a highly trained staff of professionals involved in trading. NetPicks has been trading for 25 years and teaching the tricks of the trade for 17 years.  hit this to read this article about socially responsible investment.

Check this for an overview of their recent news and activities.

NetPicks provides trading education for day trading and swing trading. Their goal is to help regular traders achieve success in the markets. For their tutorial blogs, visit their page.  The systems that NetPicks uses are designed to help people learn in a short time. NetPicks has several options for different skill levels. There is a nifty quiz on their homepage for those of us that are quite unsure where we fit in.

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The World of Architecture –American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in New York in 1857 by a group of thirteen architects. AIA is a professional organization that was created for architects members in the United States. The body is headquartered in Washington D.C. and is currently headed by Robert Ivy who serves as the vice president and CEO of the company. What’s more, the American Institute of Architects supports emerging profession and sponsors architecture education besides helping architects maintain their licensure.

Currently, the AIA heads in the professional membership organization for all architects and young professionals in the field of architecture. Again, the firm chiefly carries out its objectives through information, government advocacy and community development. Besides, AIA strives to reach out to the public in a quest to improve the architecture occupation and also improve its public image.

The Current CEO of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy heads the AIA which currently has 250 chapters and more than 90000 members registered architects. He is a graduate of the University of the South where he did a Bachelor of Arts in English and holds a master’s degree in Architecture from the Tulane University. Equally important Robert ivy’s background career is in media publication of architectural record where he worked as an editor. The CEO is an award-winning media personality in the field of journalism and has won numerous awards for his architectural publication.

Moreover, in March 2010, the national architecture named Robert Ivy as ‘the master architect’ and unanimously voted for him as the CEO in 2011 for his success in the communication of the value of architecture design. With Robert at the helm, the AIA has transformed and repositioned itself from its rich legacy to one that is proactive, influential, and responsive organization. Better still; the primary goal embraced by the organization has been to heighten public awareness of the value of all architects. Learn more about Robert Ivy at Steel Institute of New York

Furthermore, since Robert Ivy took over, he has worked to strengthen the association by education, advocacy, and public outreach initiatives so that members can serve the community better. Also, AIA has since incorporated a model that plays an integral role in public health and providing disaster relief solution. AIA has done this by ensuring that buildings designed help the community with some form of exercises to reduce some diseases such diabetes and heart disease. This includes planning buildings that have stairs, access to sunlight, clean water, and fresh air. In addition, AIA has embarked on designing recreational space and parks instead of having substandard housing. Read this article: